Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update of sorts

I know it's been forever since I wrote anything significant. I just get in these modes where I just don't have it in me. Besides, it is so much easier to just throw a status update up on Facebook than it is to post here.
The first big update is on Zachy. Last I wrote the nurse had called concerned about some fast rhythms he was having. When we saw the Doctor he wasn't concerned at all. He said it registered as too high on the equipment because pacemakers aren't made for children. So what is a normal active rhythm for a child is too high for an adult. So all is well with Zachy. Thank goodness!
Matthew has been saving his money for a very long time, and yesterday was finally able to buy himself an iPod. He got the nano which has a camcorder on it as well. He has been taking videos all morning. He would probably be just fine with it even if it never played music. He loves making videos.
Their play is in two weeks. I will be glad when it's done. We love it, but by the end it is always nice to be able to stop making the drive twice a week. It's hard because the practices are 1 1/2 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Sunday. Well, it is far enough away that by the time you turn around to go home it would be time to turn right back around to pick them up, but too long to just sit there. Although this year, I've been helping make the costumes and Matt's been staying home with Emily.
As far as the pregnancy, this has to be the easiest pregnancy I've ever had. In the beginning I was really sick, but since that has passed I have felt great. I'm 29 weeks and time is still flying. Natalie will be here before we know it.
Other than that, we've just been busy doing yearly eye exams, doctors visits for me, and dentist appointments. Oh yes, school too. Which is going great.
I wish this entry had been more entertaining, but alas, that's what happens when you wait so long in between entries! Sorry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My apologies

I know it is far to early for Christmas for some of you, but I just cannot resist being in the Christmas spirit.
It is my favorite time of year and it is just too short, if you ask me!
This year is especially special because Miss Natalie will be joining our family right around Christmas, can you imagine anything more wonderful?? I can't.
Speaking of Natalie, what am I going to do about this blog? I won't have 5 little monkeys anymore, but 6. Is that an appropriate name? Six Little Monkeys? I don't know. If anyone has any great ideas for a new title, I'd love to hear them.
For now, sit back, relax, sip some hot cocoa and enjoy the Christmas spirit!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where did you say you are from??

Today in southern Texas it is pretty brisk. The temp is in the 60s and it has been raining off and on all day.
Half of us are in pants, the other half are in shorts.
We had to run to Wally World to get some batteries earlier. While there, we saw several people in winter coats.
Matthew and I started commenting about the fact that to us this is great weather and to people around here, it's cold.
We then laughed about the fact that Emily kept saying she was cold, and she is the only one amongst us who is a Texan.
So Matthew says we are Ohioans...then said, "well, Collin anyway".
I said it was because we were northerners.
While we were talking about this Collin said, "I'm a what?" And we told him an Ohioan. We had to explain that meant he was born in Ohio.
Dillon says, "Am I an organic, since I was born in Oregon?"
Oh my, it was priceless.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Double Digits!!

Check out my ticker!! Less than 100 days to go! Time's a flyin!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

This Really Chaps my Hide

On our way home from play practice, there are two billboards.
They have a picture of a young lady with the words, "you have the power to have a healthy baby".
It's an ad for a health clinic, I think.
What does this imply?
UGH! It implies that if you only get proper prenatal care, you will have a healthy baby. And you have the power to make that happen.
Well darn. I wish someone had told me I had the power to have a healthy baby. If only I'd known that I possess that power!
For the record, I have always gotten the proper prenatal care.
I don't go to the doctor on a normal basis, but when I'm pregnant I never miss an appointment.
I just hate that they are trying to tell people that they can have a healthy baby.

Sometimes, it just isn't up to us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post Script and other Happenings

As a post script to yesterday's sympathies go out to all young men of this generation.
Have you any idea how hard it is to teach these young men to keep their eyes and thoughts pure, when they are bombarded with just the opposite all around them?
Matt commented on the fact that they had just finished the respect CD, and talked about keeping thoughts pure. One way to do that, is to not fill your mind with images of scantily clad girls. They went ice skating after that, and what do you think all the girls were wearing? Next to nothing, of course.
Our kids are met with it everywhere. For us, even in the church. Girls wear clothes that leave nothing to the imagination, to church. What kind of message does that send the boys?
God gave them these hormones. We instruct them to keep them in check, and then WHAM! they can't get away from it.
It has to be so hard on them.

ANYWAY..onto other things.
Dillon's birthday is coming up. It is on Columbus Day this year, and we are going to try to go to Sea World for it. Once a year, military members and their dependents get free admission. We haven't used ours for this year, so we are going to go on his body. Hopefully, the weather cooperates. By this I mean either it isn't scorching hot or pouring rain. Anything in between will be just fine.

Our pastor's wife is teaching the kids guitar lessons every Sabbath after pot luck. It is really great. They are learning lots and I hope by the time we leave they have a great understanding of how to play the guitar. The only problem is, it doesn't address the ability to read music. Yes, they are learning cords, but not regular music. But then, do you really need to know how to read music to get by in life? I'm not so sure.

I posted after our first week of school that Zachy was trucking along with everything. That has definitely stopped. Collin has taken the lead now and does his work without complaint and...are you ready for this?? I see signs of the switch almost being switched and him being able to read! WAHOO!!!!!

Emily is as cute as ever. She is such a character and cracks us up all the time. She does everything the boys do, but the last couple of days she has wanted to wear dresses, so maybe there is hope that she won't be a total tom boy!!

Matt says he feels like a divorced dad getting visitation with his kids this week. He also says he is ready to have a night alone with me. HA! That hasn't happened in over 13 years, I don't see it happening anytime soon! Oh well, I'll just be glad to have him home tonight, I've missed him. He leaves next week to teach a hearing conservation course. He'll be gone all week. Then home the next week. Then off again the following week. He's a busy beaver!

As for me, I'm 25 weeks pregnant today. Baby is moving around so much sometimes it makes me nauseous. I do love it though! She is currently breech, though I'm not concerned at this point. I think if she would turn, I would be more comfortable. Right now, I feel like she is going to kick right through my cervix. Other than that, though, I am still feeling really good. I still look fat. No one has asked me if I'm pregnant, so that's a sure sign. I don't think anyone at the kids' play have any idea I am indeed pregnant and not just fat. Oh well, in due time I guess.

So that's about it. That's all she wrote.
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