Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Does it get any better??

I have an entry in my head that I need to write..all about how Emmie is taking Prevacid now, and is a different child. I wrote it last week, but blogger ate it. I wrote about how I could hear the angels singing with me..HALLELUIA. Do you hear it?
It turns out that Emmie is silly, and loving, and just a great baby. For 18 months, we've struggled with her. It kills me to think that she was just hurting.
Right now, I'm sitting here, she is beside m eon her own chair. Everytime she looks at me, if I'm not looking at her she says, "mama" then I look, and she blows me a kiss.
How did we get so blessed??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pepto Chango

So I'm still waiting to hear from Emmie's pediatrician about the reflux.
I'll tell you, that looking at her through reflux eyes, I can totally see a pattern to her fussiness. Nighttime is worst, I'm assuming because she actually eats dinner. She barely eats the rest of the day.
So, last night, while she was screaming and screaming and screaming and writhing and screaming we gave her a children's pepto. Even though, technically, she's too young. But, we were desperate.
Within 5 minutes she had completely relaxed and conked out.
I feel like such a bad bad mom. How could we not have caught this before??

Monday, September 15, 2008


Pictures of Emmie's surgery. And the night before.
I'm no longer doing slide shows because my dear friend lives in the boonies and doesn't have high speed internet. So, for you Theresa..normal pictures!

It was 5:30 am, and she was so sleepy. She loves her baby.

Not too tired to play games though!

All dressed up and ready to go.

Unfortunately, it was a long wait, with lots of time to kill.

When it was about time to go, they gave her some versed, nasally. Now, versed is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't matter how it is administered (nasally or orally)it is icky. It tastes bad, so it's tough to get babies to drink it. But who really likes the feeling of fluid being pushed up their nose?
This picture was taken when the versed was starting to work. Not enough for her to be drunk yet, but she had been crying a lot before this. She was settling down at this point. Please don't pay any attention to how tired I look here.

Relaxing, almost drunk. If you look closely, you can see my watery eyes. Let me take this opportunity to tell you something. It does not matter how minor a procedure is, it is still very difficult to think of your child being sedated and undergoing surgery. You would think, after open heart surgery, I would be able to say, "hey no big deal, it's just teeth" but no. She's still my baby. And it's still hard.

Finally drunk. I have pictures that are almost identical to this one of Matthew and Zachy. The mouth falls open, their eyes droop, and their heads flop back. Hello giggle land!

Bye Bye Sweet Girl.

And then it's all over and we're ready to go home! Still sleepy, but awake.

OK, I had to take this picture. They insisted on pushing her out in a wheelchair. This is how the pictures always look when there is a new baby, but I'm in the chair, holding the baby. I told Matt now he knows how it feels to be a total goof being wheeled out when you are perfectly fine!

A little more about Emmie

My dad was here for the weekend and is now home safe and sound in Oregon. We had a nice visit, and it was really nice to have him here for Emmie's surgery. We had to be there at 5:30 and it was nice to not have to worry about the boys.
Emmie's surgery went well. It took them three hours instead of one and a half because nothing ever goes as planned with my family! Most of the time was spent trying to get an IV in place. Her hands and feet are now massive bruises. Poor punkin.
I keep thinking this may have been a blessing in disguise. The dentist said she is definitely refluxing. The decay on the back of her teeth was so great they were cupping. So like if you took them out, laid them on their fronts, they would be like a cup.
I hope so much that we will be able to treat this and finally have a happy baby.
We had looked into reflux a long time ago, and she was actually treated for it, but it was more in response to the fact that she couldn't breathe. That has resolved itself, but evidently the reflux hasn't.
I was looking on line for symptoms in toddlers and they fit her to a T so I'm really hopeful that she will get treated and finally be happy. Or at least not totally miserable.
Pictures to follow, so be on the lookout. After we get school done I'll work on uploading them and posting them.
My kids are outside playing, would you believe it is cold here?? I need to check the temperature, but they are all in pants and jackets and sock and shoes. Very unusual for them!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Just wanted everyone to know that Emily is home from surgery and doing well.
As usual, things took longer than normal. The one and half hour surgery ended up being three hours. But alas, all is well that ends well!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To put your minds at ease

I've received several emails asking me about Ike.
As of right now, it doesn't look like we will get much of anything from the hurricane.
Last night, on the news, they were telling us to get our emergency supply kits together, and to be ready because we would likely lose power and deal with tornadoes.
However, Ike appears to be headed more east today, so they are now predicting some strong winds and rain, but not much else around here.
The people who really need your prayers are the folks from Houston and Galveston. Last I checked, there wasn't a mandatory evacuation for them, and our newscasters were saying they are VERY concerned about that.
At any rate, we should be nice and safe here in San Antonio!

Drum Roll Please

We got the cast list today!
Matthew got the part of Grandpa Joe, and Dillon got Mike TeeVee.
They are both really excited about it!
And now, some pictures..that have nothing to do with any wonkaness, just pics I came across and are too cute to not share!

This picture makes me laugh. While she is thrilled to love on her brother, she's not so sure about the cousin hugs!! So cute!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to look good Naked

Lifetime has a show called How to Look Good Naked. I have never watched this show, but was alerted by the CHD community that last night's episode would be about a girl named Heather.
Heather had a complex chd and had a very hard time getting past her scars.
Ya'll I sat there with tears streaming down my face the entire show. It was so good.
Kudos to Lifetime for even getting the words Congenital Heart Defect out there. I believe people can live their entire lives and never hear that term. And yet, it's the number one birth defect. Go figure.
I desperately hope that boys view their scars differently. Although, in some ways I think it may be harder for them. After all, girls wear swimsuits that cover the midline scar nicely.
The other day, we were looking through scrapbooks. Now, Zachy asks me why his face was purple. At five, he doesn't get that his heart was broken. That makes no sense to him. He will also ask why he has scars. Again, he doesn't grasp that there is a machine in his body telling his heart to beat!
I just hope that he doesn't deal with self esteem issues because of his scars. I hope he knows always that he is a hero.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If you're of the praying variety

If you happen to be a praying person, please say a few for my family.
First, on Thursday, Matthew has an ophthalmology appointment. If you recall, awhile ago, I wrote about Matthew having pain in his eye. He hasn't had any recently, but this appointment will tell us if the drop still has his pressure under control. So please pray that his glaucoma is being controlled.
Secondly, Emmie is having surgery on Friday. It's minor, just to cap her teeth, but she will still be under general anesthetic. Just pray that all goes well there.
My dad is coming in tomorrow, so he will be able to watch the other kids while Em is in surgery, so that is nice. Pray for a safe trip for him as well.
Thanks in advance. If you aren't of the praying type, please think good thoughts for us!

Willy Wonka Jr

Matthew and Dillon are taking an acting workshop.
They will be putting on Willy Wonka Jr in November, but besides just doing the play they are learning things. The first two nights they've learned how to do a proper audtion, how to project, and upstage, downstage, stage right, etc.
Sunday they auditioned. I think I'm more anxious than they are to see what parts they got. We have to wait till Thursday, and it's killing me!! I do hope they get good parts because they worked hard on their auditions.
You may recall them doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory three years ago, and they were oompa loompas. I hope they don't have to be oompa loompas again, but they both said they would be happy even if they had to pull the curtain.
I'll keep you all posted!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A sight to behold

This morning, I was in my room and peeked out the window. I thought, "how odd, it doesn't look that windy" but there were leaves flying all around. And then, I realized it wasn't leaves at all, but butterflies!
I called all the boys up and we just watched the butterflies for a bit. They weren't too impressed.
I decided to google why in the world there were so many butterflies, and came across an article from 2006. When the drought caused the wasps that normally eat the butterfly larva to die, and we were beseiged by butterflies. Snout butterflies to be exact. I had forgotten that. I don't know how, because I put pictures of it and everything on my blog.
I wonder if that is what is going on again. Because there are just hundreds of them.
My bed sits a bit higher than the bottom of my window, so whilst I was nursing Emmie down for a nap, I just watched the butterflies swirling all about.
I'd put up pictures, but I just don't think you can really see the butterflies that well. You just have to imagine, tiny black butterflies, flitting about like mad. Once in awhile, I'd hear a tiny "thud" as they hit the window.
Totally cool, if you ask me!

*edited to add, I tried to take a picture of them, but they are just too fast.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just stuff

Last week, one by one, my kids battled illness. From ear infections to bronchitis. Loads of fun, and doctor visits. Now, thankfully, everyone is on the mend.
To celebrate, we went to six flags yesterday. Well, not really to celebrate. We simply went because it was the last day the water park was open, and we hadn't been yet. It was hot. And crowded. Lest you be concerned that we can't keep track of all our kids amongst throngs of people, let me assure you that they are easy to spot. You see, my kids are TWKEs. The Whitest Kids Ever. They stand out among the crowd. It is impossible to see that we live in south Texas and that we wear shorts year round. We have no tans to speak of. All I kept noticing were the darkly tanned bodies around me, and how conspicuous our family was!
As we were leaving, a crowd of young people (early 20s? dang, I'm old) was in front of us. In short time, there was a fight. Two guys against one. Right in front of us. The sound of fists hitting bodies is still fresh in my ears. What point does fighting serve? Seriously. I guess it's human nature though. Thankfully, security was there in no time flat. Then the girls were trying to convince the security guards that no one was actually fighting. Here's the sad thing, during the fight, a little girl went and grabbed her dad's arm, "PLEASE STOP DADDY!!" While he was hitting the other guy. She was not hit at all, but can you imagine??? Horrible.
Today was our first day of school. It was a smashing success, and tonight I'm tired. No rest for the weary though. It's now time to get kiddies ready for bed to start again tomorrow. It's looking like it's going to be a great school year. I officially have a 7Th, 4Th, 1st, and K this year. And little Emmie tagging along. Fun times indeed!!
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