Friday, January 6, 2012

Apparent Hiatus

I know I've disappeared. 
It's just that I try really hard for my blog to be uplifting and encouraging to others.  I'm going through a really difficult patch right now, and honestly, have a hard time coming up with positives to write about.
That sounds so bad.  I am so blessed, beyond measure.  How dare I say I have hard time coming up with positive posts?  *sigh*
This too shall pass. 
In the mean time, Miss Nannie had her second birthday yesterday!  It was such an emotional day for me.  I don't remember her first birthday being so emotional for me, and I can only chalk it up to being pregnant. 
In pregnant news, all is trucking along without any issue.  I'm almost 31 weeks, and it seems the next 9 weeks will last an eternity.
I am such an emotional mess lately, that I'm really looking forward to not crying at everything.  Other than that, I feel pretty good.  Starting to have sleepless nights due to be uncomfortable, but during the day, I'm good.
Matt started school again this week.  He is getting his doctorate degree.  Thankfully, because he's already a practicing audiologist, he can do the program online. 
The rest of the kids are all doing well, just growing like weeds and keeping a smile on mama's face. :-)
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