Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And in the back of my mind..

I've been thinking about Friday. Zachy has his yearly cardiology appointment. I hate them. Truly. It makes me all a ball of nerves. I just wish we could blink and Zachy's heart would never have been sick. What I wouldn't give to take that all away. Unless it meant giving up my Zachy, then forget it.
Last year, our old card had mentioned do a 24 halter monitor on Zach this year. We'll see what the new card says. He has quite a significant murmur, and it is what they focus on when they do his echo. It is caused by the placement of his suture line, and they stare at that white line for what seems like ages, before declaring it fine.
Anyway, just keep us in your thoughts, and pray that his heart is just as healthy as it was last year!


Monday night, our neighborhood had a pool party. It is hard to say neighborhood, because it was only the officers. We live in the same neighborhood with enlisted folks, but it was just the officers there. We had the pool from 7-10 and we had a barbecue. It was great fun.
Zachy was so funny. He repeatedly jumped in yelling, "cannonball!!"
We'll buy our pool passes tomorrow...and I see us spending a LOT of time over there this summer. It is right behind our houses, so quite convenient. Hooray for summer! And hooray for swimming pools!

Houston....we have a problem...

The W******* are approaching!
That's all I could think of on our way to Houston last weekend.
We made the trip and saw my dad and his wife. They actually live in Oregon, but had a layover there last weekend. So we went to see them. And they got us a room in the hotel. We had to get adjoining rooms, and Matthew and Dillon stayed in their room, because the 6 of us exceed the maximum capacity rules. Matthew and Dillon thought it was so great.
My dad and Michele gave my boys all shirts. They had been in Roatan, Honduras. The shirts said, Bad Boys Club...Roatan. Matthew took one look and exclaimed, "Bad boys club...ROTTEN!" It was priceless.
Anyway, we had a great time and were glad we went. But I have to say that Houston really didn't do anything for my feeling of Texas. I was actually really glad to be home. I wouldn't want to live there.

Wit and Grease

My in laws are quite witty. Well, my mother in law and sister in law and hubby are. My father in law...not so much...which is why we get along so well, I'm sure of it. Everyone likes to pick on us! Brother in law falls in the middle. He could really care less if he is witty or not.
But, for the fourteen years that I have been a part of these people's lives, they have ridden me about my lack of wit. In the recent years, my mother in law and sister in law have told me I'm getting a bit better.
I try. I really do. Mostly, I embarass Matt. I feel for him, but obviously not too badly because I'm about to knowingly embarass him right now. He never really finds me funny, he just pokes fun at my attempts to be funny. And if it is public, he just buries his head thinking, "she is sooo not funny, no one will think this is funny" But nevertheless, I persevere! Which leads me to my greatest wit accomplishment.
It happened this weekend. We were in Houston seeing my dad and step mom. We were at a restaurant. Michele (step mom) had ordered a petite steak. When they brought it out, it was TINY! I mean..TINY!! We all joked about it being so small, and without missing a beat, I said, "if it were any smaller, it'd be a bacon bit" . Everyone but Matt, thought it was pretty funny, and I was feeling really proud of myself until I saw the look on Matt's face that said, "she is just embarassing herself".
Oh well. I still find it funny. And I do think it was the best I've come up with. Sorry to embarass you honey, but I'll never be the witty girl. I'll forever be the girl that the witty people poke fun at.
I found the greatest find at Wally World the other day. In a totally unexpected place. We were looking at bike tire pumps when I glanced to the right. And what did my eyes behold?? A DVD of GREASE 2!!! For...drumroll please....$5.50!!! You know I wasn't passing that up. Well, if you know me, you know I wasn't passing it up.
I have come to think that maybe Matt wants a motorcycle because of the movie. Because I love to sing:
If you really wanna know
what I want in a guy
well I'm looking for a dream
on a mean machine
with hell in his eyes.....
Only when I sing it, I picture myself looking as beautiful and sexy as Michelle Pfeifer, which is the furthest thing from the truth. But maybe Matt thinks I really want a cool rider. I always was attracted to those bad boys. It's how I first was attracted to him, but he tricked me good! He was so far from bad.
Anyway, my love...I don't really want a cool rider. I really just want you. So there is really no need for you to desire a motorcycle so much. Can we just lay that to rest?? :-)

Thanks Mom

I have been getting the kids stuff together for camp. And labeling all of their clothes. This isn't sissy stuff, I'll tell ya! LOL There is a lot more work involved in sending kids to camp than I ever knew! Doesn't help that I'm trying to get two kids ready at the same time!
So thanks mom, for all the years that you labeled my clothes and made sure I had just the right amount of toiletries for camp.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Grief

Matthew stapled his finger today. Crazy kid. Well, I guess he isn't crazy, he didn't do it on purpose, but still!
We are going to Houston this weekend. My dad is coming home from being out of the country and has a layover in Houston, so we will drive down there and see them for the night.
Today is my sister's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE!!! I tried to tell her she is getting old, but she isn't buying it! HEHEHE
I think I need to explain something about the last post. We are teaching our kids that it isn't ok to hit anyone. The problem is coming with the neighbors telling their kids that they are not allowed to hit girls, but not reprimanding the girls for doing anything. I have talked to C's mom, in fact SHE talked to me. Said that she had seen M and C pushing and it was not ok for M to be pushing C. This has taken place several times, and we had already addressed it. But in her mind, it doesn't matter what C does to Matthew, she's a girl, he's a boy, end of story. I just really don't think it is ok.
I know in my comments Leslie said she feels there is a big difference between girls hitting boys and boys hitting girls, and I'm sorry, I have to disagree. Boys are NOT always stronger than girls, and just because one is a boy and one is a girl, does not make it ok for the girl to hit the boy. Does any of that make sense? I know plenty of women who have beat up their husbands. And because the man was taught never to hit a woman, he has taken it. That is so wrong. I certainly don't want my kids to think they can't defend themselves because they are boys.
And then, it is probably just my skewed thinking because I don't have any girls to worry about, and as they say...boys are easier. *rolling eyes*

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Raising Boys

You know, people often tell me that boys are much easier than girls to raise. That there are less worries.
I obviously don't have any girls to compare it with, but there are definitely things that pop up that make boys tough. Things that I haven't quite figured out how to deal with.
We have a neighbor girl, C, who is way too much like Matthew. They both like to be in charge. And they both don't like to budge if they can't be in charge. Because of this, they butt heads....a lot.
Lately, it seems to be turning physical. No hitting, but pushing certainly takes place.
Of course, they both always say the other started it.
After the first episode, we informed Matthew that it was NOT ok to lay his hands on a girl. And as the words were falling out of my mouth, I realized just how off it seems.
Yes, boys tend to be stronger, but does that mean that boys have to take a beating from a girl, just because she is a girl? That doesn't seem right to me.
I am pretty traditional when it comes to the roles of boys and girls. I absolutely believe the man should be the bread winner, and the woman should be home taking care of that home. And I am not a feminist. Far from it.
I just don't know how to handle this. Seriously. We all know of people who have relationships where the woman DOES beat up man. And is that ok, just because he was unfortunate enough to be born with a penis?? I don't think so.
I will continue to tell Matthew that he can't lay his hands on C, ever, but I'm so not sure that is the right answer. I don't understand why it is ok for her to lay her hands on him though.
See, people don't think of these things when they make comments about boys being easy. It certainly isn't easy!

We're DONE!

My boys finished up their books today.
They are officially done with school for the year! WOOHOO!!
Matthew spent a long time yesterday and last night finishing his up. Dill finished today.
Now to get started ordering their new stuff for next year. And next year I'll be throwing Collin in to the mix! FUN!

Because there will never be too many songs

I changed my song...again. This one fits my blog a bit better. While I love the last song, it was a bit too rockish for my blog.
This is my song for my beloved. It has been for years now. There are few songs that fit us better than this one.
If you happen to be new to our life, we got married at 18 and everyone said we wouldn't make it. No one wanted us to get married, but we did anyway. It was the best decision I've ever made, and I wouldn't have done it any other way. Yes, it's been hard, but it's only made us stronger.
So my dear Matt, you're still the one. I love you more than anything. Thank you for being my everything.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Matthew's wish list

The other day, Matthew came to me and said...
"I know what I want for my birthday. Three things.
1. A bicycle, of course
2. a lifetime supply of bread, but I'm kidding about that.
and 3. an ipod"
OK, first of all, how funny is it that my kid says he wants a lifetime supply of bread, then follows it with an I'm just kidding?
And secondly, how is it that he is old enough to want an ipod? And he doesn't even go to school!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's tough to realize you aren't what you thought you'd be

When I use to picture myself as a mom(you know way back before I was a mom), I didn't picture myself like this.
I always thought I'd be the mom that everyone loved. The neighbor kids would love to come over because I was the cool mom. I would bake warm chocolate chip cookies for them. I would cook good home cooked meals that everyone would love. My house would always be nice and neat and clean. I would have the patience of a saint, and I would certainly never lose my temper with my kids, heaven forbid!
But what I am, is completely opposite what I thought I'd be.
I cook nice, home-cooked, healthy meals for my wee ones, and they all complain and turn up their noses. Matt will at least eat my cooking, but I've been married to him long enough to know when he doesn't like the cooking either.
Really, the neighbor kids don't like me all that much, because I'm much too hard on my kids, and it isn't all that fun to come over here. I'm certainly not the cool mom, so far from it, as a matter of fact. I rarely bake cookies. My house is always a pig sty, which Matthew informed me today was like a trash can. He said there are flies and it's always messy. Nice observation! I certainly don't have much patience, and I certainly lose my temper.
I'm not sure I like this mom I am. I'm not sure my kids even like the mom I am.
Although, I have to say, when I pictured the mom I'd be, I never pictured me homeschooling. And I never pictured me sleeping with my kids, or nursing for an extended amount of time. And forget cloth diapers. I was the typical mainstream mom in my dreams. I know for sure I don't want to be a mainstream mom, and am so glad I didn't go that route. I just wish I were a better mom.
And I wonder if maybe the mom thing doesn't really come naturally to me at all. I see mew moms doing a far better job than me, and I think they really have it all together. Here I've been doing this a long time, and I don't have it together.
I pictured myself June Clever. I turned into Roseanne Connor. Why can't there be a happy medium??

Friday, May 19, 2006

Health fair

I took the kids to a health fair today. It was at a private school and the kids put it on. It was all about your body. There were real kidneys, eyes, brain, heart, and a rabbit that was all opened up.
Matthew thought it was quite gross, while Dill thought it was pretty cool, and he touched everything.
I don't think that Collin got that it was real stuff from inside your body. Zach slept the whole time.
As for me, I got sick to my stomach because of the strong fermaldahyde (sp?) smell. Oh man, I could never be a science teacher. Ick.
It's hot here today, so we've hung out inside all day long.
The kids are almost done with their books for the year. By the end of next week they'll be done. YAY! I'm so ready for school to be done for the year.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

If I could save time in a bottle

My mother asked me the yesterday if I was alright because I hadn't updated. LOL Who knew she checked on me every day?
I have been thinking alot lately, about how I wish I could ingrain memories into my head so I never ever forget them. My kids are growing so quickly, and this time will be done before we know it.
Some things I want to remember~
~the day we were at the zoo, we were in the reptile house, and I got the pleasure of taking my Collin around with me. Matt had Zachy and the older boys, and Collin and I just took our time. He was so fascinated. I had to lift him up to see in each cubicle. He would hollar, "YIKE!" at the sight of the snakes. One time I lifted him up to look in a tank, and we couldn't see anything. Except there were several flatish, round, smooth stones. He got SO excited and said, "LOOK MOMMY!! It's TURTLES!!" It was so cute. I had to tell him that nope, it wasn't turtles, just rocks! How I love his enthusiasm and innocence.
~Monday evening, I was sitting outside. My boys were playing with the neighbor kids. You have to understand that we live in town house type houses and our particular building is in the shape of an 'L'. We are back in a corner, and there are 4 families that live in them, but there are 8 units. We live at the end of the long side of the L and the other three families live right down at the corner of the L. They were all down there and I was just watching them. Dillon and his friend C, were on her stoop playing UNO. Collin and Zachy were riding bikes with the other two 4 year olds, and Matthew was chasing them. Everything was perfect. The breeze was blowing, and everyone was happy. Eventually, as usually happens, the hoses came out. And the water guns. And what ensued was a huge water fight. That included Matt and I on opposite teams, each with our kid teammates. I was abandoned by my teammates as they realized that they were on the losing team! LOL It was so fun to be the fun parents. The kids LOVED drenching us. And we LOVED drenching them! Lots of laughter. It is a moment I never want to forget.
~the same day at the zoo, we were walking along and Dillon hollared, "MY COUSINS!" We weren't sure what in the world he was talking about, but he took us to the warthog exhibit! He thinks since he has warts, surely they must be his cousins! Goof ball
~yesterday, we were in the car, and Dillon was wearing his visor upside down and sideways. I told him he couldn't wear it like that because everyone would think he was a punk. I had to explain to him what a punk was, and he said, "oh no, I am NOT a punk" But, Collin caught on and immediately said, 'Dillon's name is punkin, and I'm going to EAT him!' LOL So once we got out of the van there was lots of chomping of the teeth! It was funny.
~and last but not least, last night, Collin and Zachy were supposed to be upstairs in their beds going to sleep. It didn't take long for them to be downstairs with us. And they both promptly went and snuggled up in Matt's arms. I wish I had a camera, it was priceless.
That's it for now. Gotta go be with the boys.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It is a very good feeling

When you realize your child can read. And that YOU taught them. Dillon is reading much better at this age than Matthew was. Which is strange because Matthew started out way more advanced. Before this year started, Dillon couldn't even recognize his letters. If you'll recall, I was certain he must have some learning disability, because no matter how hard I tried, he just wasn't getting it. And now...he's a reader!!! How awesome!
Now to get to work on Collin!

Multi-tasking has never been my strong point

I just realized that I have way too much stuff going on in this head of mine!
While I'm not actually physically doing a lot of stuff I am constantly thinking about the following things
~what curriculum we are using for the kids next year (this is a huge issue for me every year)
~VBS!!! Everything about it, will we have enough money? enough helpers? am I doing enough? Will it all get done in time? What do I need to be doing today?
~being a slacker family member....must get to the post office
~finishing this years school work
~what do I need to get before my kids head to camp? will Dillon wet the bed at camp? if so, will he be teased? Will Matthew be ok with out Dillon? (he originally said he didn't want to be with him, but once I sent the stuff in, he panicked a little when he realized he won't be able to be with Dillon, at all)
~I have to schedule Zachy's cardiologist appt, but they aren't scheduling in June yet...must remember to call back next week.
~how am I going to get back on the weight loss track?
~how am I going to afford a new camera?
~how are we going to swing starting Adventurers AND Pathfinders? Is it possible? If not, which do we do?
Those are just some thoughts I have going on right now. And I know, much of it is trivial, and it isn't like I'm worrying about it(like the camp thing, totally not worried about it, they will be fine) it is just a thought floating in my head.
I am so ready for this school year to be over. And VBS. It is so much more stressful than it would be if we had some money in the budget for it! This will be the first time this church has had VBS in this building. It is across the street from a huge housing complex. We will blanket it with flyers. Which adds more stress, how many kids to plan for?? Next year will be easier, we will have VBS in the budget, and we will have an idea of how many people will show up. Although, I could screw this up royally and they could easily say that there is no way they will ever let me lead VBS again. Matt noted last night, that I am not leading any of the classes. I personally, don't think that is my job. I have to take care of making sure everyone knows HOW to lead their classes, and I have to recruit all the workers, and I have to do all the behind the scenes stuff, like getting it on the radio, and getting these flyers out, etc. I think that is fair. I have to make sure things run smoothly whilst VBS is actually happening. Am I wrong? Should I be teaching a class? There are enough leaders to do them, but did I do bad? *Sigh*
What was I thinking when I agreed to do this??? UGH!!!! OK, just this one time, then I will feel empowered, and I'll be able to do it next year. It's just this first time is a killer!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

More Dillon funnies

We taught the kids how to play Clue this weekend. It is really great reading practice for Dillon and they really have to think.
Anyway, at one point, Dillon was looking at something on his pad, and it was taking him forever. We asked what was wrong and if he needed help. He said, "I just can't find Mrs Cluck" We all laughed and told him her name was Mrs Peacock, not Mrs Cluck.
He also can never remeber Miss Scarlet's name. He calls her Miss Garlic. And you have to picture him saying it in a totally snobbish voice, he'll go, "I'd like to make a discussion(that's funny too,cause it is supposed to be suggestion), I think it is Miss Garlic, in the conservatory...with the POISON!!" He is so dramatic when he says it all, and he sounds so funny. I wish you could hear it, but alas, that's the internet.


We went to Sea World today(and boy was it HOT). Had a good time. But as we were loading the car, our camera got dropped. Now it isn't working. :-( I am so so sad.
It is our digital. We have a regular one, but that one doesn't work either, so we've been relying on our digital. Now, we have no working camera. Which, isn't a good thing in this family. We have some big expenses coming up too, so it isn't like I can just go buy a new one. Start clicking those ads up top, help my get a camera!! LOL

Saturday, May 13, 2006

These things must only happen in my house

or not....
the other day I opened my sock find 5 cheetos. I don't know when the last time we had cheetos in the house was. Which tells you how long it's been since I wore socks.
Yesterday, I worked my tail off, and cleaned my house, top to bottom, I even mopped. I hate mopping.
Shortly after I was done, Zach got in the fridge and broke all the eggs on the floor. Guess it wasn't clean enough!
We also had an entire Icee dumped over in the freezer today, while it was being put in by little hands. Such fun to clean up!

Dillon, my boy, cracks me up

Conversation between Dill and me
Dill~I wish I didn't have freckles
Me~Why is that? I love your freckles.
Him~Because all of the girls like me, because of my freckles. (SO SERIOUSLY)
Me~yep, some day you will like that
Dill~well, I don't, and I wish I didn't have them so that they didn't like me. ALL the girls like me!
Me~trust me on this, someday you'll be glad
Dill~ (grumbling)no I won't, I hate my freckles!


Learning the books of the Bible, he cannot figure out that Lamentations is LAMEN-tations, and not Lemon-tations


In the car, the boys have taken to reading their Bibles. They say, "tell me a verse, and I'll read it to you"

So, John 3:16 it was. Dill says, "I know that one! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only FORGOTTEN son....."

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm stuck in the 90s

I started scrapbooking in 1998.
Back then, you were quite limited to stickers. There weren't all the fun embellishments there are today.
I want to scrap our Disney trip...badly. Yet, I'm so stuck. I want to do these new techniques, but I don't know how.
There's all sorts of fun stuff these days, and yet I'm stuck with STICKERS! So sad. For one thing, all the new stuff is $$$$$...but still, I like it.
My best friend is coming here in June. She started scrapping when she came to visit me after Z was born. She had never scrapped before. Now she teaches classes. She does absolutely awesome work, and I'm a bit envious.
She knows when she comes, that she must bring all her scrapping supplies so she can teach me...and yank me out of the 90s!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I added Mercyme's new song "so long self" takes awhile to load, but I love love LOVE this song. I love the line, "this life is not about me apparently"
So true! Enjoy!

Random pictures

The weekend before my surgery, we went to the zoo. We'd never been to this zoo. It's alright. Definitely not the best we've been to, but better than none I guess.
These are just some random pictures we took

This is my adorable Collin. The kid is so funny. I love him so much. He is always acting so silly. I told him I wanted to take his picture and to say cheese!

This is one of our guinea pigs. Illustrating the fact that we saw capyburas at the zoo, you know...the giant guinea pigs. LOL

I always have thought this is a type of spanish moss. I could be wrong though. But it is funny stuff. It falls off the trees looking just like this. Matthew is absolutely terrified of it, and Dillon carries it and chases him with it. It's quite funny, because's moss. Matthew is just sure it is something gross though.

One of the boys took this picture of the grizzly bear. Doesn't he look so sad? Like he's saying, "please....let me out!"

My favorite guys!!

A jar of what?

I was just collecting my little ones from the neighbor, and as I was taking mine out, their little girl came out too. So I asked the dad if he wanted me to keep the door open, or close it. He said to leave it ajar.
This took me straight back to my childhood.
We owned a fancy schmancy Chrysler New Yorker. It talked to you in a robotic voice. We named the voice James, and would always talk back to him.
Well, having children, the most common phrases he ever said were, "please, fasten your seat belt" and "a door is ajar"
My sister and I would always say, "a jar of what? peanut butter?"
We were such goofballs, and it made us laugh.
So when he said, 'leave it ajar' I wanted to say, 'a jar of what? peanut butter?'

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How will she survive??

That's what you will be asking yourself in a minute.
Yesterday's high was 98. Not sure what it was with the heat index.
Currently, it is 85, but it feels like 98. The actual high is supposed to be 99 today, so with the heat index already so will it feel?
And so the question will I survive?? Thank goodness for A/C!!
I don't like extreme heat (really I don't like the 90s) and I think it is a cruel joke that I live in Texas!!

Monday, May 8, 2006

I should not have been so hard on the military

In my panic, I was awfully hard on the military medical docs. And the reality is...a civilian doc screwed me up, a military doc fixed me. I was so wrong to doubt them.
I have also been thinking about the fact that God's timing is perfect. If this was discovered while we were on the outside, we would be facing a hefty medical bill right about now. Instead, you the faithful taxpayers, paid for my surgery. Thanks! :-) And while I'm thanking you, thank you also for my house, and my food, and everything we use every single day to live, and even the things we play with! We couldn't survive without you!! :-)

The numbers

I had Matthew almost 10 years ago.
In those 10 years I have been pregnant for 3 years and 8 months.
I have breastfed for 5 years and 7 months. In the past 10 years I've been breastfeeding more than not. Wild.
I've gained 160 pounds (wow that sounds so bad!! but it was while pg) and lost 110 pounds.
OK, I can't think of any other strange numbers that are absolutely meaningless!!

And since the water still isn't boiling...

I will write to say that I am feeling MUCH better. I am off all pain meds and so am not nearly as tired.
One week makes a big difference.
Now I do have a question. Could I take a sleep aid? I mean, just for one night. I hear the ads about waking up refreshed! Since Zachy isn't in our bed anymore, and waking me up all throughout the night, I'm having a hard time sleeping. Isn't that just crazy? My body is just used to waking up. But now, everyone is sleeping through the night, and I would like to also.
I crave just one full night sleep, so that I can wake up nice and I haven't in oh...about 10 years!!
What do you all think??


I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head that I want to get down, and yet, I never feel like writing. Nothing of great importance, just stuff I feel like blogging about.
But this topic has been floating for awhile, and while I wait for the water to boil, I figure I'd write it down.
It is amazing to me, just how quickly we become disconnected from other people.
For awhile, when we moved here, I didn't think I could handle being alone. And yet, here we are, almost a year later, and we are fine.
However, in that year, our familial relationships have slipped further and further away. It is sad, really.
It isn't uncommon for weeks to pass in between talks with my in-laws, and by in-laws I mean mother and father. I think the last time I talked to one of my sisters-in-law was back when her mom passed in January. How can that be? But it is true. The other one, I talked to last weekend, but that is because she had a question for us. Before that, it had been weeks, maybe even months.
I honestly have no idea when the last time I talked to my dad was. It's been months and months. He is a traveler, and so I have no idea if he is even in the country right now, or not. Probably so, I'm just saying, it's been awhile.
My sister says I can't go a day without talking to her, but she is going back to work soon, so that will all change. We will go back to months passing in between talking. I have only seen a few pictures of my new niece.
Speaking of nieces, I have only seen a few of my other niece who was born in August.
I do talk to my mom. Probably because she doesn't have a job, so it is easy to time calls to her.
Distance does that to people. And part of me thinks I have a big part to do with the distance, by having this blog. Everyone in our family, knows all the details of what is going on in our lives, and yet I couldn't tell you a single thing that is going on in theirs.
Am I blaming anyone? Heck no. We are all to blame.
I mean, even though I talk to my mom, I completely forgot her birthday this year. And I have my nephew's birthday present sitting here waiting to mail. His birthday was in April.
But even though our families read my blog, you will only see the occasional comment from them. My grandma is faithful in emailing me after every time she reads. That is nice. At least I know I'm not boring her to tears!
I realize that this is sounding like a guilt trip, and I so don't mean it that way. Like I said, I am as much to blame as everyone else. I could certainly do a better job of shooting out the occasional email or calling everyone.
Yet, life gets in the way. We get busy, and the little things go by the wayside.
We are alone here. Thank goodness we have our family to keep us busy. And I am becoming very aware of the importance of a church family.
At any rate, I don't know why I'm rambling on about this, it is just interesting to me, just how quickly you become totally disconnected from people you once used to know current details about.
I must do better.

Friday, May 5, 2006


I feel pretty good today. My head is foggy. I can't, for the life of me, remember if I took an ibuprofen this morning, but I don't think I did. I remember thinking that I was going to, but I don't think I actually did.
I wish my head wasn't foggy. I wish my eyes could focus on something without the rest of my line of vision being blurry. I just feel odd.
I'm not in much pain at all. Every once in a while the boys will somehow push on my belly, and that hurts, but that's about it.
I'm just so so tired. Physically drained.
I can't wait for this to pass. I'm itchin to get a full days worth of housework done, and not be so drawn to the couch for a little rest. Maybe by next week.
Maybe I'll just sleep the weekend away.
Matt leaves on Monday for Denver, so I guess I will be forced to do all the care taking, that could be very very good for me.
But for now...*yawn*

Thursday, May 4, 2006

The rest of the crew

Everyone else is doing well. We had some sickies last week, but no more.
We had a good time at the zoo on Saturday and Sea World on Sunday.
Matthew was supposed to have a tooth pulled yesterday, but freaked out too badly. Now they will have to do it under general anesthesia. Poor thing!!

Something happened in the process

When I went in to surgery they told me I wouldn't be able to nurse Zach for 24 hours.
We decided it was time to actively wean.
I know this is making some lactivists shake their heads in shame. But that's ok.
We nursed for 33 months, that is something to be proud of.
Zach has had no problems. He has asked to nurse just a couple times, and has been content to scamper off and do something else when I tell him I have owwies.
It is a bit sad to see this part of our relationship go. He truly is a big boy to get him out of diapers! ;-)

Sorry if this is a repeat

Apparently, I didn't explain my situation very well, because I've gotten several emails from people asking about the IUD incident. So let me try to clarify it better.
Six weeks after Zach was born, September 2003, I had a Mirena IUD placed. It hurt too bad going in, and I knew something was wrong. However, I figured it was because I truly never wanted it in the first place. It was just something I did. I made a big bad mistake that I regret. It caused me severe abdominal pain and much vaginal bleeding. It was put in on a Thursday.
By that Tuesday, I decided it was time to go to the dr. I could never feel the strings, but thought that due to all the bleeding, maybe they were just hard to find or feel.
When I went to the dr, they confirmed that there were no strings, and did a transvaginal ultra sound to see if it was still in my uterus. They decided it was no longer in my uterus, and had fallen out. The pain, they told me, was because my uterus was infected. They offered to put another one in, which I vehemently declined.
Fast forward to this year. Many problems with ovarian cysts and very irregular menstrual cycles. I went to a dr in September of 2005 who informed me that all my troubles were from nursing, and as soon as I weaned Zach the troubles would go away. I questioned whether it was possible for the IUD to still be in my abdomen. She laughed and said no.
By April, I was having a 7 day period every other week. As you will recall, I was also dealing with another cyst. I finally made an appointment and was seen.
The doc I saw this time decided to fully check me out. She ordered loads of blood work. When I told her that I always felt there was still an IUD floating around in my body, she chuckled, and said it was highly unlikely, but she would order an x-ray to be sure.
The x-ray revealed the IUD, which they suspected was in place, in my uterus. But since x-rays can't see organs, they weren't totally sure. I, however, at this point was certain it was not in my uterus.
On Monday, they sent a scope into my uterus through my cervix to discover it wasn't there. So they proceeded to do a laproscopy to try to find it. This is when they discovered it was embedded in my colon.
We are certain now, that it perforated my uterus when the doc was inserting it, which is why I never felt strings.
This literally, could have killed me. A loose IUD can so some major organ damage. The Mirena IUD is plastic with a vial of progesterone on it. In place, the hormone is supposed to be emitted but stay locally in the uterus. This doesn't make much sense to me, but whatever. The dr told me that I was getting a much higher dose of progesterone due to it flowing through my blood stream. Having it out, should straighten my hormones out. I hope so.
So there you have it, the whole long story. Sorry to bore you!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Still alive

I'm still alive. I feel surprisingly miserable. I figured a few incisions on the belly would be no big deal. But between the pain and being nauseous...ick.
Anyway, the IUD was embedded in the fat the surrounds the colon. Lovely.
Here are a few pics.

They spot it with the camera.

working on getting it out

Almost out.

Everything went fine and I am pleased to report that the stupid thing is out of me...for good. NEVER AGAIN.
I'm off to go lay down...
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