Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Almost Wordless Wednesday

Are you sick of entries that are nothing but pictures? I have other entries brewing, but I figure these are a good way to get all my pictures that I've promised for a very long time!
So here you have it. Another picture entry!

Some shots from our trip to Disney World. The picture of Emmie on the ferry is of her with my dad.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did I happen to mention...

Emily has a broken elbow. Did you know this? Did I ever tell my dear readers this? Well, it's true. A month ago, she fell while playing with the kids at play practice. She immediately complained about her elbow. We thought she would go to sleep and wake up having forgotten about it. Instead, the next morning, she sat up, and screamed, "MY ELBOW!!" Off to the ER it was. All they could determine was that she had an effusion, and they suspected a radial head fracture. She was splinted for two weeks. After the two weeks, we headed back. They x-rayed her and said her elbow looked good, but that since she was still having pain, they decided to be conservative in their treatment. We were told two weeks in a cast, and then she would be good to go.
The two weeks was up today. We went. They took off her cast. They did x-rays. The next thing I knew, the doctor was telling us that now a fracture was definitely showing up. She is back in a cast for two more weeks.
This seems to be exactly what I've read about, regarding radial head fractures. For some reason, x-rays don't reveal them for several weeks.
I am so glad they decided to treat it as broken a month ago!
We are headed to Chuck E Cheese tonight. We had told her we could go swimming today. Poor thing.

We told her we were going swimming because last weekend my dad was in town. He started the older boys on scuba certification. So they spent the weekend in his hotel pool. The girls and I spent it at home. She so wanted to swim.

When it finally comes off..we will have to go swimming.

Did I also neglect to mention that Dillon broke his finger? It's so hard to recall what I wrote here and what I wrote on Facebook.

About a week before Emily broke her elbow, Collin fell off the couch. His knee landed on Dillon's finger. Breaking the tip of it.

Good grief, who knew a broken finger could be such an ordeal! First, the ER just gave us a splint. Said it was just cracked a bit. After two weeks, we went to the orthopaedist who said it was broken, at the growth plate. The ER didn't reset it or anything, so his finger has a permanent bend to it. Nothing major.

However, when I took Emily in today, he had a check up also. The doctor squeezed it, as usual, and he said it hurt. This far out, it shouldn't hurt. It is also pretty swollen. So, they ordered blood work to check for infection. The doc just called me and said it was all negative, so it's a skin infection. And now he has to take antibiotics for ten days.

All for a broken finger!!! Goodness gracious!

I hope we are nearing the end of this train. It feels like we've been living at the orthopaedics clinic. I'm ready to get on with summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

The End!

Oliver! ended yesterday.
I don't know if I ever talked about it here, so here's the skinny.
Tryouts for Oliver! were in March.
Dillon (11) got the role of Oliver!
Matthew (13) was a townsperson, pauper, and bow street runner.
Collin (8) and Zachy (6) were orphans and part of Fagin's gang.
And lastly, Matt (dh!) was Bill Sykes.
If you aren't familiar with the story, Bill Sykes is the villain of the show.
I am so incredibly proud of Dillon. He did awesome. He had several solos, including a song where he was on stage all alone. Not once did he seem nervous. Some of the time, I could see the adults shaking when they were singing, but not Dillon. I'm one proud mama!!
Matt was great too. He makes a really good bad guy. Which is so funny, because he is far from a bad guy. In one scene, he was supposed to hit his girlfriend. He just couldn't bring himself to hit her, so they let him grab her and push her to the ground. The first time he did it, he pushed her down, then stopped the scene and said, "are you ok???" She was such a trooper and did so great.
The other kids did great also. Matthew had a GREAT time being included as one of the adults. He really is teetering between wanting to be an adult and wanting to be a kid. He was so happy.
All things must come to an end though, and it's now time to move on to VBS.
Yesterday, was very sad for me. This is the last production we will do with these players. We will move before the next production. We have made such great friends, and I will miss them all so much.
I keep telling myself that the adventure that awaits in Ohio, will be just as great as the Texas adventure has been. And it will be. I'll just miss everyone here.
When it's all said and done though...Mine's a fine FINE LIFE!!!

~~I'm sorry to say, I don't have many photos from the show. I already posted what I have in the Worldess Wednesday post. Flash photography isn't allowed, and I was always holding a baby anyway. If I come across any, I'll try to post them.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Showing Off

Matt and Dillon have been doing stained glass pieces. It has been so great for them to have this hobby together.
Matt is currently working on a 4 foot by 6 foot piece for the church, with another lady.
He is also doing custom orders for people. It's pretty cool.
Here are a couple things they just finished up.
Dillon made this eye for our pastor's wife. She is starting her ophthalmology residency this year.

Matt made this for the same person. I wish the picture were better, because it is an amazing piece.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Painted by Nathan Greene, this is arguably one of my favorite pictures.
I know this scene has played out several times in my own life. Well, not mine, but the lives of my children.
So many people prayed so hard for them, and I know that God heard those prayers, and He was there, guiding the surgeons hands every step of the way.
I've been thinking lately, and I have to say, I think that CHD parents are amongst the strongest people around. Only, I don't feel strong. Not at all. I know that most of them are leaning heavily on Christ. It's only by the grace of God that we have gotten through what we have.
People tell me all the time that they don't know how we do what we do. The reality is, we have no choice. These children are our precious gifts from God, and He has a plan for them. What are we to do? Deny that gift? I think not.
I am so thankful to know a kind and loving God, who wants nothing but the best for our family. He is so wise! He knows the perfect kids for us. He knows exactly what we can handle (and what we can't). Isn't it wonderful to know that there is someone out there in charge? That we aren't just walking around by chance. That whatever happens, there is a plan. It might not be our plan, but we are at peace with the knowledge that there is a plan. And His plan is far better than ours could ever be.
And just as He guides us day to day, I know He guides the surgeons hands when they are operating on our tiny little babies.
Thank you, Jesus, for all you do for us. We are so unworthy of your care, and yet, you give it without a second thought. You, my Lord, are mighty and wonderful. I cannot wait for the day when we are all together, worshipping you all day long, in Your presence.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Time Flies

I keep meaning to get here and write. There's so much I want to write about. But somehow, I say I'll get to it later, and it never happens.
I think mainly because I want to post pictures. We got a new camera, and I totally rely on Matt to upload the photos for me..which means it doesn't get done.
Tonight, Oliver! opens. I am so excited for Dillon. This is his big moment. The other boys are doing great too, but it really is Dillon's thing. I'm so very very proud of him.
I will try to get back and update with those pictures later! Hopefully, time won't keep slipping away from me!
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