Monday, March 31, 2008

Slow down, son

The other day, we were at the store. Matt was looking at the iPhones. Of course, he'd love one, but we will never get one. Too spendy for our taste. Not to mention that we are with Sprint, not AT&T.
Zachy LOVES gadgets, especially phones. So he started saying, "I want an iPot phone too" And started asking us when he could get an ipot phone. We finally told him when he was big like Daddy.
This morning he woke up and said, "Mommy, I think I'm as big as Matthew and Dillon today. Does that mean I'm as big as Daddy? Can I get my ipot phone?"
It's really cute. But I know before long, he will be as big as Daddy.
Slow down, my baby a while longer. Please?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week one..done

I finished my first week of couch to 5K today.
I had a hard time finding where to run, so I finally bit the bullet today and went on base.
It was really tough for me. I was so certain people would laugh at the fat girl running. But I just tuned everyone out and did my thing.
There is a track upstairs that circles the perimeter of the gym. One half is the exercise machines, and the other the gymnasium. They were having basketball practice in the gym, and it was hot in there. I was so glad to come around to the exercise room half. Nice and cool in there.
I hurt my knee this week. I twisted it funky while kneeling down. Stupid. It hurts, but I plugged through it today.
Onto week two!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Not meant to offend

I noticed today that the neighbor across the street has the cutest baby bump.
And why did I notice this?
Why because she was outside having a cigarette.
This makes me sick. I'm so sorry if I offend anyone, but it does.
Babies are so precious..and fragile.
Why would you do anything that could jeopardize your bundle of perfection?? I don't get it.
The only thing I can think is that they have never been affected by a child with a difficulty.
The thing is, her baby will probably be just perfect. And it isn't that I would ever wish anything wrong with any just kind of irks me.
OK, climbing off my soap box.
Back to the regularly scheduled blogging.

I should be baking bread...

with all this yeast.
Emily has thrush in her mouth. I have it on my breasts. She has it on her bottom.
Oh yes, good times are being had here.


OK, Maria tagged me quite awhile ago. I haven't done it because, honestly, I've been having a hard time coming up with seven things about me. But I'll try.

Rules are:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1)I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. I think to balloon over a beautiful green countryside would be magnificent. Matt and I used to say (back in the dating days) that we were going to run away in a hot air balloon and get married.

2)Speaking of getting married..I'd love to get married again. I was so stressed out on our wedding day, that I didn't really enjoy it. I see other people's weddings and think it looks like so much fun. Once upon a time, we had this idea that we would renew our vows at 10 years. We'd wear the same clothes and have the same attendants. I don't know what in the world was wrong with us! Ten years seemed so long. We had no idea that we could never afford to do that, or that there was no way I'd fit into my wedding dress! ALTHOUGH..after I had Collin, I lost a bunch of weight, and I was actually able to fit into my dress again!

3)My favorite animal (who is actually a mammal) is the manatee. LOVE THEM. I went swimming with them in high school. And aside from getting married and having kids, it was one of the highlights of my life. There is no way to describe putting your face in the water and seeing these ginormous creatures swimming at you. And then, get this, they practically roll over for you to rub their bellies.

4)I'm a huge Disney fan. Not necessarily the movies, but the parks. When I was little, I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. Just so I could sit on the mushroom during the parade waving and saying, "hellooo. OH! Hello!!" If I lived in Anaheim or Orlando, I might have to figure out a way to work, just so I could work there. I would actually just like to live there. Set up residence in Cinderella's castle.

5)I love roller coasters. Although, I'm starting to not be a fan of the wooden ones. I'm old, and they are very jerky. But give me any metal, fast one, and I'm in. Matthew is like this (who would have thought??) and it has been so much fun. He's game for anything and usually dragging us to the rides.

6)I slept with my baby blanket until about sixth grade. After my parents got divorced, I had really bad nights. I was always afraid at night. I knew my house would burn down, or someone would break in, or who knows what else. But I could never sleep. So, even into high school, I would pull it out of my closet to sleep with.

7)Speaking of being a kid, when I was growing up, I always wanted a dozen kids. I don't know why a dozen, but a dozen it was. Matt always wanted seven. Who knows how many we'll end up with! ;-)

OK, I'm tagging....
1) Gina
5)UK Gina

Monday, March 24, 2008

A start

If you've been reading my blog for years, you may remember when we lived in Ohio. And when Matt would go to Toledo once a month for guard duty. You may also remember I had an online friend, Carrie, who lived there. We went to see them a few times, and went to the zoo with them.
Anyway, I've been sitting back, reading her blog, and watching her start a running program. She has been loving it, and the transition in her has been nothing short of amazing. She has inspired me so much, that tonight, I am going to start the program.
This is huge for me. I have never enjoyed running. But since watching her, I've had this itch lately, to get out there and do it myself. I am so excited about it. Which is really strange for me!
I'll be following this program, in case you are interested.
Wish me luck!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Long time no post

I go through these times when I just feel I have nothing exciting to say.
This is one of those times.
Life is just truckin along, like it does.
Last Sunday, we had an impromtu birthday party for Emmie. I wanted it solely for the purpose of cake pictures.
Unfortunately, the girl is not into eating these days. She is, however, into nursing, all the time. But since being sick, she just hasn't been eating.
So, we sat her in her chair, gave her her own cake, and she stuck a finger in the frosting. She then tasted it, and squirmed to get out of her seat.
That was it. No devouring of cake like I wanted.
Zachy did this too. My first 3 just gobbled it down, but not these two.
I do have pictures, but haven't uploaded them.
The weather here has been wonderful. We've been taking walks in the evenings and just enjoying the Texas spring.
On Sunday, we plan on going to Six Flags. It should be fun. Especially now that Emmie is a walker! Too bad she hates shoes. She just takes after her mommy, I guess.
Next week is full of doctors appointments. Almost every day we have something. Matthew is getting a new appliance in his mouth on Monday, so that should be exciting.
Speaking of Matthew. He saw the glaucoma doc last week. His drop wasn't working to bring down his pressure. So he is now on a different drop. We are praying this one works. If it doesn't, we will add another drop and hope that works. If THAT doesn't work, they'll try surgery. But his eye is funky, so that might not work either. At that point, he will just go black blind. Right now, he can see shadows in his right eye, so is able to at least not run into things. Although, he still runs into lots of things on the right side! We're just hoping that the drops work. I remember when he was 2 weeks old and the pediatrician told us it looked like a cataract or glaucoma. I was so afraid it was glaucoma, and so relieved it was just a cataract. I had no idea I'd be dealing with BOTH! The thing that stinks the most about the glaucoma, is that it hurts him. He frequently complains of his eye hurting. Poor thing.
Oh yes, I almost forgot...we found out last week that Matt gets to go on a humanitarian mission trip to Honduras in June. He'll be there 2 weeks. I know he'll have a wonderful time. I can see mission work being right up his alley.
OK, Emmie is sitting here demanding my attention, so I'm off. Have a happy Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just waitin

I have an itch to totally shovel out Collin and Zachy's room. It is making me nutso. I told them I was going to and Zachy said, "ok, I just want my babies and spy stuff" His babies are all the stuffed animals he got while at the hospital.
The problem?
Out a/c is on the blink again, and I have to wait for the a/c man to come fix it. Only, he couldn't give me a time, said he'd have to fit us in.
Our doorbell is very, very quiet, and I know that if I get into their room, I won't hear it.
The kids all want to be outside playing, so I can't even tell them to listen for it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gag me

We ate lunch a couple hours ago.
I am still stuffed. do I do this to myself??

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh me, Oh my (he barks all day and night)

OK, no one really barks all day and night, but if you know the Wiggles, you know the song. And for some reason, it is going through my head right now.
I feel I should sit and write something really great, but alas, my life is so boring right now.
Last Friday, Zachy and Collin started throwing up. It was such a pleasant day. They were done by Saturday, but still felt bad.
Sunday morning, Emmie started throwing up. Poor thing, she can't seem to catch a break lately.
She was done by Monday though.
Then Tuesday morning, Matt and Dillon started the process.
Somehow, Matthew and I have managed to escape this dreaded illness. I have had many nauseous nights and days, but, thankfully, everything has stayed down.
Yesterday, after having a rough day, I told Matt we needed to go shopping. Cause yeah, apparently I like retail therapy! So we went to a mall and walked around. We bought Emmie her first pair of shoes. Can you believe that? No shoes till now. She isn't too fond of them, either. Can't say I blame her. I myself, hate shoes.
And now she is awake and crying, so I have to run.
Today is Matt's birthday. He's getting so old. A whole 32 years today. Why, he's practically ancient!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby

Oh my, I feel so guilty about not posting this until today.
But guess what happened on Monday??
My wee little baby turned one year old! I so cannot believe that a year has already passed. She is walking all over the place and is just too cute for words.
So, what did we do for her birthday, you ask.
If you will recall, Phantom was on Sunday. Sunday morning at about 4 I woke up and could feel the heat coming off Emmie. Took her temp. 104. Poor punkin. We gave her meds and were able to get it down a bit. I was pretty nervous about leaving her while we went to the show. We've never left her before, and what a way to do it. She did fine though. And the show was great. We had such a good time. Poor Matt though, the guy sitting in front of him had a ginormous head. It blocked half the stage, so he and I spent the whole time leaned over to the right so he could see. But it was still so good.
We got home, and Emmie appeared to be doing really well. Her temp was down, and she was pretty chipper.
Later in the evening, we went to go grocery shopping. Halfway through I told Matt that we had to leave because I had to take Emmie to the ER. She was just so out of it and hot. I feared another UTI, and knew it would be impossible to get her seen the next day. Only this time I was smart. I took her to the army hospital instead of the air force hospital. For one thing, it's much closer to where we live, and for another, we wouldn't have to wait on all the basic trainees who get priority on base.
I got there about 9:30 and waited for an hour to be triaged. During this time, she fell asleep and kept spazzing out. It scared me and I was sure she was going to seize. Some folks were talking about the fact that they'd been there since 4 in the afternoon. When they took her to triage her I asked if they would please give her something to help with the wait. They took her temp and it was 105.3. They pretty much freaked. They gave her meds and sent us for a chest x-ray. She was also panting by then. Then they put us in the orthopedic room. They did urine tests, blood tests, flu tests, and an RSV test. It all came back negative. Her heart was beating really quickly, so they gave her fluids. Then they decided since they had no source for the fever, they would admit her. But guess what. The army hospital doesn't have a peds ward. So, at 3:30 in the morning, we went by amubulance back to the air force hospital. When we walked through the waiting room, I saw people still sitting there from 9:30.
We stayed the night there and they repeated some tests. All of which were still negative. At 3:30 in the afternoon, they discharged us. Her temp was between 101-102.
Since coming home, she has become very congested and today has a really bad cough. Yesterday, she had her follow up and they say it must just have been the beginning of an upper respiratory infection.
Last night, her fever was back, but today she seems to be pretty cool.
The nurses in the ER sang happy birthday to her after starting her IV. I will always remember that nurses in the ER sang to her first.
She is such a wonderful baby, and we love her so very much. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I already miss my sweet tiny baby.
Happy birthday Emmie, we love you more than you can imagine.

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