Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Time

I feel the need to blog.  I hate when I slack. 
It's just...I don't know...I get feeling a little down. 
I am lonely.  I have made a couple friends here, but, hmm, I just don't know...I'm lonely.
Maybe I'm just hormonal.  Who knows. 
OK, onto a different topic, cause I could go on and on about how I feel so disconnected from the world lately, but that would be boring.
Course this might be boring too.  Oh well.
We went to Missouri last weekend.  Oh my, it was a loooong drive. 
We went to see my brother-in-law get his doctorate in Physical Therapy.  We are all so proud of him.  I know they are so glad that he is finally done with school so they can get on with living!  He has a job all lined up in Washington, so as I type they are busy cleaning and packing and getting ready to hit the road.
The rest of my in laws already live in Washington and they came down for graduation. 
It was so great to see everyone.  The last time we saw my mother-in-law and father-in-law was when Nannie was in the hospital having open heart surgery!  We've come a long way since then.
We hadn't seen my sister-in-law in three years. 
We had two nights that we played Minute to Win It games.  That was lots of fun. 
We're heading out to Washington this summer and I'm looking forward to a rematch!
The cousins all had a blast together, and I hope they all remember last weekend with fond memories.  They don't see each other often, so I hope the times they do see each other will stand out in their minds forever.  If not, we have lots of pictures.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ohio has been rough on us

Or maybe it's the year 2011..I'm not sure.
We arrived here November 19.  I suppose things were good until January, so maybe I should be blaming the year instead of the state.
After Tuesday we will be able to say that since arriving here we've had two surgeries.
We've had an eleven day hospitalization.
And we've also had three emergency room visits.
We will be familiar with five separate hospitals.
Something is so wrong with this picture, people!
We have also been involved with three separate groups that are supposed to be fun, and have been so disorganized it isn't funny. 
It has been a crazy place (year?) for us. 
There have been some good things here, I suppose.
There was snow.  Lots of snow.
There has been rain.  Lots of rain.
Now it is green.  Lots of green. 
I have met a few people that I think will be great friends.
The mended little hearts group seems to be great, and active.
We have great new doctors (I was so worried about this before we moved).
We bought a house (and now pray the market turns around before we have to leave so it doesn't end up being the biggest mistake we have ever made!)
Yes, things have been bad, but they have also been good.
I so badly want to love it here.  Hasn't happened yet, but we are still new here....right?  Six months is nothing.  Although, it's half a year, and if it's the year that has been bad, then it is a very long time.
I hope my love for the state happens soon!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Busy

The problem with waiting for a while in between posts is I never know where to start again.
We have been so crazy busy that I could make multiple entries, and maybe I will.  Or not.  We'll see how things go.
Last week we, and by we, I mean me, decided that we would have a week of no TV, no iTouch, no DS, etc. 
We also downloaded the geocaching app on my phone last week.  It also happened to be the week that the weather finally warmed up.
We spent last Sunday traipsing around finding caches.  It was a lot of fun, and I think it will help us learn where things are here.
Throughout the week, we stopped at multiple caches. 
It was also a great week for playing at the park.  We spent a lot of time at the parks this week.
What we didn't do was a whole lot of school.  Shame on us.  It was just too nice to be inside.  I'm thinking school is about to end.  We are at stopping points for everything except math.  And I'm the boss, we can stop math when I say.  Hehe.  Besides all that, geocaching is educational!
Today, we decided to add Letterboxing.  We spent a good chunk of the afternoon walking around.
Our first letterboxes were a series of 4 that told a bunch of history of the town near us.  It was cool, we went around the cemetery where many of the founding fathers of the town are buried.  When we were done, we checked out the first buildings in the town.  Very cool.
I have always thought I wanted to explore cemeteries.  There are so many stories buried in cemeteries.
I changed my mind today. 
The final letterbox was right beside one of the baby cemeteries there.  I wandered.  Matt told me not to, but I just couldn't help it. 
So much heartache.  I shed a few tears for all the lost babies.  All the hurting parents.  I cannot imagine.  There was a stone that simply said, "Williams Twins".  Another was for twin, one lived 2 days, the other 7.  Can you imagine?  Losing two babies??  At the same time?  There was a family plot in another part, from the 1800s.  There were two stones for babies.  They were both a year old.  They passed about ten years apart.  Still,  the pain, ugh. 
I wandered and couldn't help but wonder how many of the babies had passed from CHDs.  The area we were in were all babies from about the 1950s-1960s.  Surgeries weren't what they are now.  I don't think they were even repairing TAPVR at that point.  How many babies died from this horrible thing?  It was all just too close for comfort.
Anyhow,  we then roamed downtown looking for geocaches.  We ended up along the bike path.  We covered several miles today.  We only found two caches, but it was so fun.
We have waited so long for lovely weather in which to spend time outside in.
OK, I am rambling.  We also went to the doctor last week.
Matthew saw the new glaucoma doctor.  His pressure was higher than ever before.
He is having surgery on Tuesday.  This one has hit me hard.  It was so unexpected.  And while Matthew doesn't really complain, he has started saying that this week is going to be awful and not fair.  We try to be upbeat, but he is right.  It all stinks and I wish I could take it all away from him.
On Friday we are headed to my brother-in-laws graduation.  He is getting his doctorate in physical therapy.  We are all so proud of him and are looking forward to seeing all the family. 
However, I am so overwhelmed with what needs to be done this week.  My house is in such disarray right now, and honestly, we are going to be going, going, going. 
It will all work out, I just feel way overwhelmed.
I guess I decided to write it all out right now, and if you are still around, thanks for reading! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

We've been learning all about the history of Mother's Day.  Anna Jarvis was the founder (is that what she would be???) of Mother's Day.  She never intended for it to be so commercialize and never wanted people to say, "happy mother's day".  She intended for it to be a day for moms to rest and for kids to give flowers and make cards.  When she realized it was become so commercial, she actually started a petition to undo mother's day. 
She was put in a sanitarium and died shortly after.  Interestingly, all her bills were paid for by the card and flower companies.  It is thought that they put her there to shut her up.  If mother's day had gone away, they would have lost a bundle!
Anyway, it is all so interesting, and every time I say 'happy mother's day' today, I feel a bit odd!
Nevertheless, happy mother's day to all the wonderful moms out there.  I hope you were given that day off!
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