Thursday, July 27, 2006

Anyone wanna volunteer?

I need someone to teach me how to make authentic rice and beans, with some piping hot tortillas.
I have been craving mexican food sooo bad, and right now I want nothing else but rice and beans wrapped in a tortilla. you know how??

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let the journey begin

And just like that, baby number 5 is on it's way. Due to arrive towards the end of March.

I am so incredibly sick this go around, that I can barely function. The dr gave me phenergan on Monday. I go back on Wednesday and if the phenergan wasn't doing the trick she is going to perscribe something else. Wednesday can't get here soon enough.

The boys are beyond thrilled. Matthew is sure this will finally be a girl. Dillon says boy. Collin says, "I know..I want a baby sister AND a baby brother" Zachy doesn't say anything other than "baby!"

Life is gonna be so fun!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Complete randomness

Because I can't think of anything worth writing an entire entry about, I'll just give you random thoughts. Lucky you!!

Cockroaches are disgusting. And the ones here are HUGE. I used to associate them with uncleanliness, but the neighbor who has OCD has them too, and her house is SPOTLESS. They're just gross. And I don't recall inviting them in!

Texas is hot. HOT HOT HOT, I tell ya. Who ever chose to settle here, should be shot. I honestly don't know how any vegetation survives in this heat. It is amazing, really.

I learned something the other day. Due to the heat, Texas is now recommending you replace carseats every two years. Turns out they are finding out that the plastic becomes brittle from sitting in these stifling hot cars all year round and on impact are shattering. Good to know!

Tonight we are going to the zoo. It is for the heartwalk kickoff. It should be fun, but hot. I'm sure we will spend most out time in my least favorite place...the reptile house. Most reptile houses don't bother me, but this one does. You see it houses all the local venemous snakes. And personally, I'd just rather not know exactly how many species of venemous snake is living in my front yard!
The time is getting closer. If you haven't donated yet, go click the logo up top and donate!!

The kids are becoming good swimmers. Zachy and Collin never even wear their life jackets anymore. They stay in the shallow water, but Collin is getting really good.
Matthew and Dillon are all over the place, diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve lost items. It's pretty amazing what a year can do.

Did you know that if you are already pretty tan, and go swimming for 3 hours in 100+ degree weather, you will get sunburned. Only it won't look like the sunburn that you normally get, you will just look really dark. But it will still hurt like a sunburn.
Yes, folks, I'm talking about me. I AM TAN!! Can you believe it? OK, not like a whole lot of people, but the fact that I am tan at all, is a miracle!

Speaking of me being tan. The other night a commercial came on. It is the commercial with the 100 year old black lady, I think it is for a financial something or other, but I could be totally wrong. Anyway, Dillon says, "is that what mommy will look like some day?" To which Matt replied, "I hope not, but I Guess if she stays out in the sun she may"
What a bunch of nuts!!

Have I mentioned that Texas is hot?

I need a babysitter. Everyone I have asked has declined. Why is it that no one wants to babysit 4 kids? Matthew and Dillon are a piece of cake, they entertain themselves. *sigh*

We have lived here almost a whole year. The time just keeps going faster and faster, it is hard to believe it's already been a year. I now know where everything around San Antonio is, and I can tell you things like, 281 and 10 are always under construction, and things like Chuys is the only mexican restaurant in town who doesn't fry their food in lard.
Time's flying.

In Texas, it doesn't matter how fat you are...sleeveless shirts are definitely an option. As is tiny little shirts, apparently. I used to look at people and think, "wow she really shouldn't be wearing that" now I think, "wow, I need one of those, I'm sure I'd be much cooler" It's all about staying cool here!

I reallay ought to be cleaning, so that's what I'll do.
Stay cool everyone!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The butterflies are twitterpated

I have never seen more butterflies in my life. Well, other than the zoo exhibits I've been to.
This is a tree outside our back door. It is hard to see, but all those flecks of motion are butterflies. The video doesn't show it well, but there are literally hundreds of butterflies around that tree. It is quite fascinating. What is it about that tree that they like?

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh I HATE these

I have a pop up blocker. But, some slip through.
Specifically these new talking pop ups. What is the deal with these? They are always behind whatever it is you opened, and all of a sudden you hear, 'congratulations, you've won' Then you have to figure out where in the world it is to shut it up!
I tell ya, they will try anything to drive a person up a wall!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Becoming me

This has been a rough week. Sickness and just various other rough things this week. But alas, I think I'm finally able to write an intelligible entry!
My mom has made the comment that I "seem so much better since having that IUD out" Meaning less depressed. I suddenly seem so..Happy. I'm not sure I agree, but whatever.
So I've been thinking about why I might seem that way, and what might really be different.
I've come up with a much different theory than the removal of the IUD.
I call it, becoming me.
You see, my entire life I've felt like I'm living in someone's shadow.
Growing up, I was either, Dr. B's daugher, or Aimee's little sister. When my mom got remarried, she married a school counselor. We moved and I immediately became, Mr. M's step daughter. I was thrilled when I switched school's my Junior year. FINALLY, I would just be Bekki. No one would know any of my family. Unfortunately, they all knew Matt, and I instantly became Matt's girlfriend.
On and on it has gone. It hasn't helped that I have basically followed my mom around the country. Every church we went to, mom and D were members already, and we became their kids. Coming here was ok, initially though, I was Lt. W's wife. But I am Bekki. I am an adult. Something I haven't ever really felt like.
We are very involved in church and I am Bekki. No one knows any other members of our families and it has, in a lot of ways, been so much easier.
Have you ever been to a church potluck? Have you ever noticed the kitchen? Where all the women stand and do dishes and talk away. That was always my mom's place. But here, I am one of the women standing in the kitchen, getting to know everyone for myself, and not through my mom, or anyone else.
I am finally becoming me, and I think I like it. And I think it has lifted my mood.
Of course, I still have my bad days, but who doesn't. All in all, life is just getting good.
Really, really good.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

An old smoking hag

That's what I am. Someone whose been smoking for years and years. OK, obviously, I'm kidding. But that's what I feel like. This cough, that is so deep, sounds like a long time smoker's cough. If you were to meet me on the street you would swear I'm a smoker. I sound hoarse and I'm constantly clearing my throat and hacking my lungs out.
Have I mentioned how much I love my wonderful hubby for sharing this with me??

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I know I'm late

I know I promised I'd be back on Monday, but I lied. I do that alot lately, it seems.
I do have an entry that I want to write, floating around in my head, but that same head is all foggy right now. My darling husband was so kind and shared his head cold with me. I don't really think that was nice of him, but he did it anyway.
At any rate, I'll write a meaningful entry when I can think right.
I took the kids to a free movie this morning. Regal Cinemas offers free kid movies all summer on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, again. We've seen it now, about a million times. But it was nice to get out of the house.
Anyway, I need to go make dinner. But honestly, when I'm feeling better, I'll write a real entry.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Finally catching my breath

Good has been busy busy!
I last posted on Saturday.
Here's a recap of my week...

Sunday ~ spent almost the entire day out in the country at a church picnic. Good times had by all! It really was quite a nice day. Good to be surrounded by family.

Monday ~ spent the entire day at Sea World. We closed the place down. We didn't get home till midnight. But it was really fun. We spent the first part of the day at the water park, then around 5ish headed into the main park to catch all the nighttime shows. They were all really good. We also watched the fireworks. Then, after the fireworks, there was still an hour till closing. So Matt took the 3 younger ones on the log ride. It had a long line, so Matthew and I went on the Great White, which is a loopdy loop coaster, and the Steel Eel, which is a hypercoaster, it just goes really fast, up and down. We went on it 6 times in a row. My goodness. Matthew would have kept going, but my tummy was telling me otherwise! And I have a STRONG stomach. Good times!

Tuesday ~ Had a birthday party to attend. Ended up being there for hours. Took up our whole day, but the kids had a great time.

Wednesday~ another birthday party! The two kids actually shared the same birthday which was yesterday, thankfully they were celebrated on seperate days! Fun, but oh so hot out yesterday, and it has been MUGGY. Icky.

Thursday ~ That would be today. Collin and Dillon had well checks at the dr. Both did well. But all four of them were due for a hepatitis A shot, and then they told me that Collin was due for all his boosters. OK, I know this. I just didn't put together that he was turning FIVE and that's when they get them. It was so terrible. He had a total of 5 shots. He screamed so bad. And I had to hold him down. I was shaking and I almost threw up. It was terrible. The other two didn't react that way to their boosters. My poor baby. He recovered nicely though, and they all got blizzards from DQ. Then we came home and spent the rest of the day in the pool.

Tomorrow~ I get to stay home! HOORAY! I need to bake cookies, which is always fun in the heat. Blech. But we are having a Women's Luncheon at church on Sunday. I don't expect too many people there, but the leader is a friend of mine, and I told Matt I have to go, if for no other reason than to support her. Women's ministries is kind of floundering at our church. But hopefully she can get things going once again!

Saturday ~ church and pot luck.

Sunday ~ Luncheon

So you may see me around these parts on Monday!

Oh, in exciting news (well to me anyway) Zachy's therapist had her baby on Thursday. I saw her picture online and she is a cutie. I can't wait to go see her and hold the little bundle!

We are working hard trying to plan a birthday party for Matthew. Collin and Zachy too. But Matthew's is the big 1-0. And he has never had a big party. They have always been family parties, or shared with Dillon. So it's time he has his own big bash. Things are just so stinkin expensive!

And speaking of birthdays. Today is my brother in law, Tim's, birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMAY!!! We love you!

Do you all like this new song? I do. It is appropriate for this time of year. So to all the troops...THANK YOU!!

Saturday, July 1, 2006

De ja vue

Matt was supposed to report to Officer training school (COT) on July 5.
We went out and celebrated our anniversary last week. Went to dinner and the movies then wandered around downtown. I convinced Matt to take me to Ripley's Haunted Adventure, and when we got there, I promptly chickened out! So we wandered around the alamo for a bit. Watched some artists on the corner painting pictures with spray paint. It was amazing. He got me one that was special made for me! AWWWWW
Anyway, Yesterday, he got an email saying his orders for COT were cancelled, and he would be leaving August 15 for COT.
This is EXACTLY what happened last year!
Oh the joys of the military!

My life

Right now...all five of my boys are watching Superman 3.
I so need a girl. *sigh*

I'm old enough

Two of the girls at church were at camp the same week as Matthew and Dillon.
The older girl has a huge crush on Matthew. She has to sit next to him everyweek, and you cannot seperate them to save your life.
L's mom told me that as they were looking through camp pictures L got jealous and would say, "that girl right there, she liked Matthew" "that one was nice, but she liked Matthew" and "all the girls had a crush on Matthew"
Ok, as a parent this is kind of nice to hear. Hehe.
But I asked Matthew what he thought of L having such a crush on him. Did he like it? Or did she bug him? Or what?
He said he liked it, kind of.
I chuckled and he said, 'WHAT? I'm OLD enough!" I said,"FOR WHAT?" He answered, "for a crush" I said, "no way, not till you are 20"
To which he responded, 'I don't think so. You were MARRIED by 20"
Whoops, guess that logic won't work on our kids!
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