Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're done and sad times

VBS was a huge success. The kids did their program at church and everyone said it was just great.
Other than the one incident of drama, we had a blast. We are actually looking forward to leading out next year!

Tomorrow is Zachy's last speech appointment. His therapist is having a baby soon. He will turn 3 in August and not be eligible for their program anymore. His therapist told me that he won't qualify anywhere because he now has normal 3 year old speech patterns! GO ZACHY!

He is doing great with the potty. Still no poopy in the potty, but it will come!

Totally unrelated to anything, Matt's grandpa passed away Saturday morning. It's a sad time for all of us. I'm sad that my little ones will never know him. But I am comforted by the knowledge that I'm sure he'll be making fish hands in heaven, and they'll get to know him there. Keep our family in your prayers though, it's a rough time for everyone.

Friday, June 23, 2006

71 Questions

VBS is over tonight. It's been a stressful, but fun week. Because I have no brain cells this morning, I thought I'd just swipe this questionaire from Gina and leave it at that. Maybe next week you'll get the pictures and full updates from VBS!

71 Things you most likely don't know about me

1. Do you snore? Yes,I can hear myself as I'm falling asleep.

2. Are you a lover or a fighter? I guess it depends on who with. I definitely like to keep the peace, but little things tend to irritate me a lot. Definitely a lover with Matt, we never fight, I guess that's all that really matters. :-)

3. What's your worst fear? My kids dying and snakes!

4. As a kid, were you a Lego maniac? Nope, I don't think we ever had a single one, which is making it hard for me now. I don't have the "know-how" to help my kids create stuff. I suppose it's ok now that they are getting older, because they are so creative, they can make anything.

5. Do you like to have your neck kissed? Yes

6. Do you chew on your straws? Sometimes

7. Were you a cute baby? In my opinion I was

8. What color is your mouse? black

9. What color is your keyboard? Black and silver

10. Do you sing in the shower? Yes, and anywhere else the general public can't hear me.

11. Have you ever bungee jumped? No I'd be so afraid of the cord breaking, I would like to sky dive though.

13. Ideal vacation spot? Duh...Disneyland

14. Do you think Jay Leno is funny? Yep, I much prefer him to Letterman..yuck

15. Can you swim? Yes

16. Have you seen Donnie Darko? I have no idea who that is..

17. Do you give a flip about the ozone? Not really, I think they don't know much about it, shouldn't it have been gone by now? I do recycle though!

18. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? no one will ever know!

19. Can you sing the alphabet backwards? No

20. Have you ever been on an airplane? Yes, but not since June/01

21. Are you an only child? No, but my sister likes to claim my parents found me under a rock...

22. Do you prefer electric or manual pencil sharpener? Either or

23. What's your stand on hunting? I hate it. Part of me thinks it's ok if you actually eat the meat, but to do it for sport just sickens me.

24. Is marriage in your future? I hope so, I told Matt last night that he had better hurry up and marry me...you know..since we have all these kids and whatnot! ;-)

25. Do you like your handwriting? No, it's so terrible.

26. What are you allergic to? nothing that I know or

27. When was the last time you said, "I love you"? In an email to Matt, but to Zachy and Collin while they slept last night.

29. Do you cry at weddings? YES! I am such a sap.

30. How do you like your eggs? scrambled

31. Are blondes dumb? Not any more dumb than any other person.

32. Where does the other sock end up? Probably still at camp. Dillon came home with a total of 3 socks....none of them matched.

33. What time is it? 10:33 AM

34. Do you have a nickname? mommy, Bekki-boo, Bek, Beeker

35. Is McDonalds disgusting? sadly no

37. Do you prefer showers or baths? Depends on the reason, for cleanliness, shower, just to relax, bath.

38. Is Santa Claus real? Of course he is!!

40. Are you afraid of the dark? No, unless I'm like in a closet or some other area that could cause me claustrophobia.

41. What are you addicted to? internet

42. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? either

43. Can you crack your neck? Yes

44. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? No, Thank goodness.

46. Is drug free the way to be? Oh yes

47. Are you a heavy sleeper? hmmmmm depends, the kids can wake me up easily, but I never hear Matt get up and get ready.

48. What color are your bed sheets? white

50. Do you like your life? Yes, of course

51. Is your name Alan? No

52. Are you psychic? No

53. Have you read "catcher in the rye"? Maybe in high school, I don't remember

54. Do you play any instruments? I used to play the trombone and piano, but haven't done either of those in years, so probably not.

55. Have you ever stolen money? No

56. Can you snowboard? No, I can snow SKI though

57. Do you like camping? If the weather is nice, and the kids aren't sick. Camping with a baby with pneumonia isn't any fun, and the trip to the ER the next day stinks, I don't recommend it.

58. Do you snort when you laugh? Yep

59. Do you believe in magic? Like wizard magic? no. But my kids can do good magic tricks!

60. Are dogs man's best friend? maybe to some, ours isn't

61. You believe in divorce? this is a sticky area, I don't really, unless there is some terrible reason, like someone might die. I think that if it is just because you've grown apart, you need to wait till the kids are grown.

62. Can you do the moonwalk? No

65. What was the last thing you ate? strawberries

66. Do you wear nail polish? only on my toes

67. Wish you could live somewhere else? yep, the Pacific Northwest somewhere

68. What's the most annoying TV commercial? with DVR we don't watch them too much, but there are billboards up now, they are all red and say, "look, I have a meat beard" or "I pooted" or "shiny shiny, pretty pretty" and they are driving me CRAZY because I don't know what they're for!

69. Would you ever die for your best friend(s)? That's a tough one! Probably. I'd die for my kids in a heartbeat, and for Matt, but beyond that, I'm not sure. Sorry Shell!!

70. Favorite band at the moment? Don't have one

71. If you could master any musical instrument, what would it be? I don't have a desire to master one...maybe the drums so that I could have some rhythm.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wanna come to VBS??

Dillon is trying so hard to figure out who he can bring to VBS. The only people here are mormon, and they won't come.
So he just told me he wants to go around our whole neighborhood, and ask the kids their names, and ask if they want to come to VBS. Silly goose.

More sing song from Collin

Yesterday while at Target, Collin got an echo mic. So on the way home he was singing at the top of his lungs.
Normally it's ,"Jesus loves me, this-hi know" But not yesterday.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is his song.
I am biiiiiiig
but not big enouuuuuugghhh
I want to be biggggeeeerrrrr
But I don't know hooooowwwww
He'll make me a KITTYYYYYYYY
I don't want to be a KITTYYYYYYYYY
but I'm gonna be a KITTYYYYYY
but I don't know what a kittyyy saaaaayyyyyyy
(this next part was to Zachy, with the mic in his face)
what does a kitty saaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

It was hilarious.
In other hilarity, the other day we were talking to Collin and he said something with an "s" sound that he still uses an "h" sound for.
I said, "you need to use your silly snake sound"
So we were discussing silly snake sounds, and I said, "you need to do your "FFFFFFFFF"..you know, your "fish" sound"
He looked at me and said, "blub"
We all died...guess that's what a fish says!!

Drama Drama

OK, so on the outside VBS is going great.
On the inside though...ugh.
Things happened last night. Not pretty things. It ended up with my family at the pastor's famiy's house till almost 11.
My problem is I can't please everyone, and I want to. And apparently I let people walk all over me.
This has been a rough learning experience, and I can only pray for peace tonight, although I'm not so sure that will happen. It all depends on whose feelings got hurt.
What a royal pain.
And then to top it off another man, totally unrelated to VBS came and started ranting and raving about things somewhat related to VBS, and yet not.
It was a MESS. *sigh* I have to say leadership is HARD, and I am glad I'm not the pastor! Good grief.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This should be interesting

First of all, let me say that VBS is going great. Last night we had 22 kids. I have workers that have done amazing things, and I'd like to get them all something as a token of appreciation, but I can't think of what. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Now on to the interesting part. Which has nothing to do with VBS. It has to do with our house.
I'm not sure if I've ever explained this here before, but I'll do it again, just in case.
We live in Base housing, but we're not on base. We live in housing that used to belong to another base that is now closed. There used to be more of it, but only part is sectioned off as base housing now. The rest is low income appartments now.
The city has bought our housing area and has plans to make it into low income housing like the rest. About 6 months ago, all the enlisted people got a letter on their door saying they had two years to move out of here and find other housing. But nothing was ever said to the officers.
People have been moving out of here daily, and it is become a ghost town. Really, it's amazing to see a moving van in here almost daily. There are whole rows of houses that are completely empty.
Here in the officer section, there are only 6 families left. The rest all moved to different bases. And like I said, we've never been notified that we need to leave.
Well, this morning Sadie was going crazy barking. When I looked out the window there were 6 people out there. I'm guessing developers or something, because they all had papers, and blueprints, and they were looking at each house and writing tons down. They weren't military, I'm sure they were city people.
So it should be interesting to see when we get the notice that we have to move. And I almost wonder if it will be less than 2 years, just because of how fast the enlisted people have been getting out. I don't expect there to be anyone here for 2 years.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A friend of mine Gina just had a baby boy! He is SO cute. Go over and say congrats! I was in desperate need of good baby news, and I got it. YAY. Course I keep wanting to call him Griffin, but his name Garrett! Congrats Gina!

First night down

VBS went well last night. The workers will be getting their credit! YAY. There were 15 kids, tonight there should be at least 16, we'll see. Which isn't much, but enough. I'm sure the lady who has been on my case is having a hay day knowing I didn't advertise enough. Oh well. It's our first year, next year we'll do better.

Monday, June 19, 2006

VBS Starts tonight

OK...tonight starts my first week of VBS. The first year I'm director. YIKES.
It's a bad spot to be in...if things go off without a hitch, all my leaders will get the credit (which they TOTALLY deserve!) but if things are a flop (like some of my leaders are predicting!) it will be my fault!
Let's pray it goes off without a hitch!
Wish me luck!
This entry is just full of exclamation points!!! Can you tell I'm nervous?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Picture overload

OK, these aren't the pictures I promised you, I'll take those later today. But last night, the kids wanted to go swimming, except the pool was closed due to lightening. We didn't see any lightening, but whatever! Anyway, we took the kids to this mexican restaurant Maria told me about. With a big ole play place. The kids had a blast.
The pictures were all going to be in one entry and in order, but that didn't work out. So here they are!

This one was not taken at the restaurant! In case you couldn't tell. It was taken several days ago, Zachy zonked out on the landing of the stairs.

Matthew posed for this picture for like a minute. What a wierdo! LOL

Fun times!


The first time I went around to watch them come down these slides, Zachy actually caught air on that bump, so after that we went down very slowly!


Zachy going up the slide...instead of down!

Trying to get some speed going.

Zachy enjoying some food.

Folks, this was our half order of nachos. HALF ORDER!! We didn't even make a dent in it!

Running down instead of sliding!

Zachy in the airplane!

Yes, my kids pose when they eat. They're grandma has taught them well.

Isn't he cute?

Collin in the plane.

Dillon stopping to pose!

Doesn't Collin look grown up here. He is getting so big!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One in one hundred...strikes again

One in one hundred. That is how many tiny babies are affected by congenital heart defects (CHD). It is the number one killer of children. And yet, there is so little knowledge of them.
I'd like to take this time to remind you that I will be walking in the heart walk this year, and if you would like to donate to this cause, please click on that logo up there and do so.
We got news on Tuesday that some very old family friends had lost their baby to CHD. Baby was due in August, but passed away on Sunday, and was delivered Monday. His poor little heart was just too defective to sustain life. He had a condition that was so rare it doesn't have a name, and the drs only knew of one other case, in Boston.
My heart is absolutely breaking for them. We've known the daddy forever. Since he was just a boy. I have silly pictures of him from when we used to live next door, and he was just a kid. To think that now he is going through the most horrific thing ever, it just kills me.
I spoke with baby's grandma today, and I just wish I were there to wrap my arms around them and let them cry and cry. It's terrible.
Then later on Tuesday, Zachy's speech therapist came to see Zach, and she was distraught, because her best friend just found out that her baby only has a 3 chamber heart. *sigh* It never ends.
Am I just more aware of these things now? I don't know. I have to say, I wish the world of CHD was not mine, but it is, and always will be. I praise the good Lord that he decided to allow Zachy to be with us, I can't imagine the pain of not having him here. We are so completely blessed.
So again, if you feel the desire to help raise money for the American Heart Association, just click that logo up there, it really is very simple to donate. And while you're at it, please say a prayer for these two families, that they will get through all of this the best way they know how.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hoity Toity

When we moved here, Matthew was in the middle of orthodontic treatment. It just so happened, that our ortho. in Idaho had once been military and was stationed here. So he knew an ortho for us to go to. It's been nice because they have talked on the phone several times to discuss the best course of action.
The thing is..it is in a really nice part of town. One of the most nice around, actually. And everytime I go there, I feel quite frumpy. I leave the house feeling like I look nice, and then I walk into this very nice office, and feel so..frumpy. I don't feel too bad usually, because Z's speech therapist lives in that part of town. They are loaded, and she always wears jeans and a t-shirt (totally off topic, she is due to have a baby in about a week, and the boys and I get to go see her when she goes home! I can't wait...I could so use some good baby news, I feel like I've been bombarded lately with bad baby news), so she makes me feel a bit better.
The ortho. is moving offices and today they were in a temporary facility. Which is an already established dentist office.
We walked in and holy cow...this place was like the Plaza of dentist offices. It was so nice. There were pillars and chandeliers and nice tiled floor, it was amazing. And here I come trotting in with 4 young boys. Dillon in a light green shirt and navy blue shorts that don't match, but he insists on wearing all the time. Collin in a blue shirt with a bleach mark on the shoulder that is almost 2 years old, but it has a picture of Goofy on it, so he must wear it all the time. Zachy in nice looking shorts and shirt...with big rainboots on! And Matthew looked ok, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, no biggie.
There was a different receptionist from the other office who nearly looked like she was going to faint when we walked in.
Of course, usually his appointments take like 5 minutes, but today we were in there about 45 minutes. And of course my little ones got antsy. They really were doing well, but the receptionist just kept giving me dirty looks.
And then...Zachy spotted two fake trees. He walked over, and immediately started licking one (please..don't ask me why he does this. I have no idea, but it happens often!) and he realized it was fake. He then looked up and started grabbing the leaves off the tree!! Thankfully, the leaves snap right back on, but as I was putting it all back together I could feel her eyes burning a hole in my back.
I was never happier to leave the orthodontist.
Honestly, I was thinking while I was there, that had I known what a hoity toity neighborhood I was going to, I would have chosen a different ortho, just for fear of not fitting in, but the fact is..we pay just as much for Matthew's care as the hoity toity people there. So why should I feel bad?

Sing. Sing a song...

Sing out loud...
Sing out STRONG!

OK, that song just popped into my head. Sorry, sometimes you just have to break into song to liven the day.

Anywho..Collin often talk-sings. He carries on conversations...singing.
Today, as I was making oatmeal, he was standing beside me talk-singing....
oitey-meal...oitey-meal...I want hum oitey-meal!!!!!
I hab the hip-ups...I hab the hip-ups
whose oitey-meal is that? is it mine?

All in a sing song voice. I wish you could hear it, because it is so cute.

I haven't taken pictures yet, because my husband is home and he has a bad habit of taking the camera to work with him. Grrrrrrrr. When he gets home there is just too much going on for me to get pics taken. I will though..I promise!

Tonight I'm going to my first girl's night out. I'm super excited and hoping I might make some local friends. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes, Maria, you are my friend..I just hope to expand a bit! LOL And it's possible that the only friend I come out with is Maria, and that's ok too. We are going to dinner and a movie, and it should be FUN.


VBS starts next week, and honestly, we still have a lot to do. UGH. It's starting to get scary. But, in a little over a week, it will be over, and it will have been a flop, or great, or maybe somewhere in between. Any which way, we'll survive.


Guess who's been going peepee in the potty? Me? Well, yeah...but ZACHY!!! Last week he was naked(or nakey as he says) and started to pee on the floor. I said, "no no, not on the floor, let's go to the potty" and he said, "ok" and went! Yesterday, he was in underwear and kept peeing in them, so I stripped him naked and he kept running to the potty and went peepee every time, no messes. He did poop on the floor, but that will come in time! I washed diapers yesterday, and am secretly hoping it's the last time I'll wash them. It would be great if we could just go for underwear from now on! Imagine..no kids in diapers! That is totally foreign to me. There hasn't been a time in almost 10 years that no one has been in diapers. Can you imagine?


OK, I'm rambling, and I have to get ready to take Matthew to the orthodontist...so I'm off. Have a great day!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh! I forgot to mention!

The difference in my boys's suitcases was amazing. I unpacked Dillon's first, if I would have openend them both at the same time, I would have taken a picture.
The most obvious thing was that Dillon must have brought half the beach home in his suitcase. There was sand everywhere. And his watershoes were laying in the middle of all his clothes, completely covered in sand. Also, their toiletries went there in a ziploc baggie to prevent leakage. Upon opening the case, no baggie, just toiletries...everywhere. Everything was smashed in the suitcase, in an effort to just get it closed.
I opened Matthew's and was amazed. First, his watershoes were slightly damp, so he had them wrapped in a garbage bag. No sand though, not sure how he left the beach where it was...Dill must have taken it already. His toiletries were in a baggie, in the zippered pouch on the top of the suitcase. His towels and clothes were folded as neatly as I would expect a 9 year old to fold.
The difference two years makes! Who knew??

Nameless Valley Ranch

My eldest kids will forever remember that name, and the fantastic week they spent there.
Their first year of camp.
The conference bought new land, so next year, it will be at a different location. But NVR will always be their first camp memory.
They are home now, and had an absolute blast. This just makes me so happy, I can't even tell you. To allow them this experience is something I will never ever regret, and I plan on them going to camp throughout their childhoods.
We watched a video of the week in review and I was nearly in tears. To see how much joy was on all those kids faces...it was awesome.
When I picked them up, they had loads of stories to tell me. And Matthew claims he has the best counselors EVER. I'm pretty sure he was their favorite too.
When I went to his cabin, his counselors were outside and they said, "we're just wondering how you do it" I was thinking, "oh, they're going to ask me how I manage with 4 boys" That is the usual question. But I said, "do what?" They said, "raise such an awesome kid, he was the best kid in our cabin. We asked him one time to do something and he did it, he was really great" I said, "well thanks" but was thinking, "they have to say these things, and probably tell every parent this" But one of the counselors walked with me out to the van to put luggage in and said, "I'm serious...he really was one of the best campers we have ever had"
Makes a mama proud!!!
Dillon was the youngest in his cabin, and next year all the other boys will be in camp the week after him. He is a bit bummed out about it, but I told him that by the time he is at the top of this age division, he will have been there 3 years, and the staff stays the same, pretty much. There is something to be said for being the oldest and knowing the ropes!
Dillon does look like he has aged a bunch this week. But I think it is because he got dark, and his hair got light. Matthew is pretty dark too.
Dill's counselor told me he had that one lonely day, but that was it, from that time on he was just great. He said he really didn't miss me that bad. Phooey on him!Hee!
Anyway, soon, Matt will be home too, and we will be together again..as a family..as it should be! HOORAY!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What I've done this week

Well, it has been a pretty lonely week for me. So I've thrown myself into some projects.
You'll recall, Matthew's bed broke awhile back. So while they have been gone I have transformed the rooms. What once was the playroom, is now Zachy and Collin's room. And Dilly and Matthew have their own room. I've had great fun organizing all the toys, and feel so good about it. Of course I'm sure things won't stay so organized. But I downsized alot. And everything has a place where it belongs now. It just feels good in their rooms. I hope Matthew and Dillon like theirs as much as Zach and Collin like theirs. I have a few finishing touches on Collin and Zach's room, but then I'll take pictures and show you all their new and improved rooms. I promise the pictures are coming..along with the outside pictures.
I also deep cleaned my whole house. Which took me all week long.
But on Friday I had a date.
I met my new friend, Maria, and her two sons at McDs so that the kids could play and we could talk. Her darling son, Matthew, has the same heart defect as Zachy, which is totally amazing because TAPVR is SO rare. So, we shared stories. And hers is a much tougher story. I could easily have spent the entire time in tears, but I fought them back. There is just something about hearing other people's ordeals. They were told, after the son had been on the bypass machine for 5 days, that they had to take him off and he would pass away sometime during that day. I would have been a wreck. And yet, they held it together, they had a birthday party for him, and talked to him the entire time, while waiting for him to pass. There were no tears shed in his room, Maria didn't want sadness around him. These are some of the strongest people I know, I'll tell you that much.
The rest of the story goes, that we went to his second birthday party in May. The child defied all odds. So many times, he defied them.
We are so incredible fortunate. The only time we were told Zachy could pass was in the context of...if he doesn't have this surgery..he WILL die, there is no way around it. But after surgery, he did great, and it wasn't a concern.
Anyway, Maria, I so enjoyed our time, and I so enjoyed getting to know your family better, and hearing your story. I'm sorry I'm such a sap!
The important thing here is that children DO pass away from TAPVR, and both our kiddies are here with us. PRAISE GOD! And they are both such a joy to everyone around them, I think they know, somewhere deep inside, how lucky they are to be here.
Today was church, and Collin and Zach did so well. I was so proud of them sitting so quietly through the whole service. Of course, we sat behind a couple with a little girl who is just over a year. They played with her over the pew and Collin leaned over and told me we needed a baby. A boy after my own heart! Hehe!
Tomorrow, I leave at 7:30 to pick up my boys! And then...the nice clean house...will be destroyed with luggage and laundry. I can't wait!

The thing about time...

it just keeps going. Always forward, never back.
I have a picture of Matthew and Dillon on my entertainment center. It was taken by my sister-in-law at a corn maze, shortly after Zachy was born. Do you remember the picture Gina? It has been sitting there, all this time, and of course I look at it and think, 'they are so darn cute' but I've never really looked hard at it.
I was cleaning Thursday, and I took it down and just stared at it. Dillon had just turned 5, Matthew was 7. In two months, Collin will be the one who is 5, Matthew will be 10, and Dillon is on his way to 8.
And I almost started crying. Because I can never ever have that moment back. Dillon will never be 5 again. Matthew will never be 7 again. And next to that photo is one of a day old Zachy's foot, and a first year birthday cake picture of Collin. They will never again be that tiny. They just keep marching forward.
I'm not so sure I like this thing called time, but I suppose there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to cherish all of these moments, so that hopefully, I can relive them someday in my mind.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Somebody please tell me!

I've been having troubles with my blog. Mainly, with what I write here.
Matt has told me that I say too much. But I really don't think I do. Things are funny to me, but apparently not everyone. I do, however, print out my blog, and this is my only form of journaling. Some of this stuff, I just don't want to forget!
Then my mom said to me the other day, 'I read your entries and think,'where is her head?'
So what do I do? I tried to convince Matt that surely if all I ever did was update on the kids, and put pics of them up...you all would get bored silly. I mean, really, how many cute kid stories does he think I have tucked up my sleeve? Oh yes, I do have plenty.
At any rate...someone please tell me...what should I write? Whatever my heart desires, or just kids stuff? Cause you know, this may be shocking, but I DO have readers who aren't my family, and who do care about what is going on with ME. Some of my readers I have known online for YEARS. And perhaps we don't email like we used to, so really...would they have liked to be left in the dark about my hormonal problems? Your lives wouldn't feel complete if y'all hadn't seen pics of my colon..right? Please tell me I'm right. Cause I really don't want to stop journaling my life. And things I find important!

But if I must just do kid entries...let me say...in less than 48 hours my boys will be home! YAY!! I feel like a giddy little school girl. I can't wait to hear about their week. I've missed them so much. And yet I am so glad they get this experience. My sister told me tonight that she isn't sure she could send her kids to camp. I just know how much I loved it, and wouldn't want them to miss out on it.
Which isn't to say that I haven't missed them like crazy. Especially at night, which has produced insomnia! I just can't wait.

I want to take some pictures for you, but I just haven't. Right outside our back door practically, is the pool. Yesterday, we were there from 3:30 till 7. We had such a blast. And when the temperature is over 100 degrees, it feels so good to be able to cool off! I'm loving it. Anyway, I want to take pictures of the pool, and also of my yard so you can see the nice haven we've made. I am liking my home more and more. And after a week of deep cleaning..it's heavenly! Just gotta get the rest of the family here too!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

It's been nice

Maria asked me where the kids were.
They are at a Seventh Day Adventist camp, just west of Austin.
And I have to say, it's been nice. There is an amount of comfort that comes with knowing your kids aren't having sausage for breakfast. And knowing that come sabbath, the entire camp will be having church. Nice indeed.
It is also good to know that Adventists camps are good camps. What I mean is this. When Dillon called, someone from his cabin was getting stitches. Matt said, "right there??" I said, "yeah, why not? they have an RN and a fully stocked first aid building" He said that when he was at camp, a friend of his had a seizure, and he, being 15 or 16 was the only one in the camp who was trained in cpr, and he had to give her mouth to mouth! How scary is that? It makes me feel good to know that they can handle these types of emergencies there. Phew.
I do miss them terribly though. I can't wait to see them Sunday and hear all about their week!

Funny kid

Yesterday, I was being ultra nice, and I ordered the boys happy meals. They are giving out miniature build a bear animals right now. There are ones for girls and boys. In the picture, the girl one was a bunny. Well, Collin wanted that bunny. So when the girl asked if I wanted girls or boys, I said girls. Well, Zachy got a frog and he got a bear, with a pink dress.
Fast forward to today.
We were out and about and they were playing with the animals. When we got to the store they asked me to put the clothes on them. So I was dressing Collin's bear thinking, "kids are so great, they have no clue that it probably isn't socially acceptable these days for Collin to be walking around with a bear in a dress". Right as I was thinking that, Collin says, 'I hope nobody laughs at me' I said, 'for what?' 'For having a bear...in a DRESS'
What a hoot. How did he know what I was thinking?

Let's try this again....

I tried to do more pictures last night...but it wasn't happening.
So here are just some random pics I've been meaning to post.

Here are the kiddies on a ride at Sea World.

Matthew was on a big scary ride, and Dillon wanted me to take his picture so bad. I love this picture and wish Matthew were in it.

Matthew feeding the lorikeets.

After we took the big kids to camp, we stopped at Cracker Barrel with the little ones. This is after dinner, relaxin outside. For some reason Collin was on a bench, the rest of us were on rocking chairs.

Zachy eatin his scooby snacks in his rocking chair at the cracker barrel.

Just a silly pic of Collin

In less than a month, I will have been married to him for 12 years. :-)

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

How Frustrating

OK, I was going to post lots of pictures. You see, my grandma now has DSL so I'm no longer concerned about load time. So, I was gonna let you have it.
But Blogger is being dumb. The following are the only ones I was able to get on here. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

In other frustrating news...the dumb ants came back as soon as the coffee grounds dried. So you know what I did? I pulled out the big guns. That's right..I got the roach killer out. I sprayed it in that hole like nobodies business. Folks, I have no idea if roach killer will kill the ants, but it's worth a shot. Originally, I thought, 'well at least it will kill the roaches' but do you all remember when they had eaten the tail end out of the beetle? I'm sure there are no roaches alive in a fireant hole. I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga!

More pictures

Here is our moth. He is a sphynx moth. And is now in the wild.

My baby with his holter monitor on. By this time he was used to it.

The result of having the monitor on for 24 hours. He was much more red than the picture shows. Poor thing.

Dillon getting set up at camp. They had their suitcases on their beds to begin with, I'm sure they are on the ground by now.

Matthew on his bunk!

Charge on boys

This morning, Matt left for Florida...early.
So I got up around 8ish to let Sadie go out. She was sitting at the window whining, so I figured I'd better let her do her business. However, we have no fences around here, so she has to be tied up. Which means, that once she is done doing her business, she barks to come in.
Since I was already up, I decided to stay out with her and enjoy the sounds of my windchimes and the birdies. It's great fun to go out and listen to the birds. Who cares if they are scolding you to go away so they can eat more the delicious bird food we put out for them!
Anyway, I sat down on my front steps. On either side of the steps are two big concrete pillars. I had seen fireants on one side before, marching in a line, into cracks of my house! I had dumped Amdro in the cracks to get rid of them. But while I was sitting there, I saw a line of them, marching into a teeny tiny hole. The last time I was at the store, I had asked about Amdro, but they were out. But the man told me that coffee grounds work. So, I thought, what the heck. I've got coffee grounds, might as well try. I dumped some into a bowl and moistened them to help them stick. I really have no idea if they are effective dry, I guess we will see. With a toothpick, I jabbed the grounds into this tiny hole. Of course, it was tiny so I couldn't get them in very well. BUT...the ants wouldn't get near it. So I smeared some around the hole. And also on the big crack I had seen them at before.
They are determined little buggers. They would march around the corner, get near the grounds and turn around. Before long they'd be back.
I could just hear them.
"c'mon boys...we're under attack!!"
They'd come in droves. With their stinger butts straight up in the air. Oh yes, they were going to get these grounds!
"ok, we must regroup....maybe if more of us get together we can take this thing"
Now mind you, I also had a lighter in my pocket from the night before (lighting citronella candles in case you were wondering), and I decided to send them a warning! HA! So, when they would come around and get too close, I'd burn em!
And still, they came!
Pretty soon, the numbers got fewer and fewer. I don't know if this has to do with cowardness, or just the fact that I kept killing them!
By the time I went in, it had been several minutes and there were still a few lonely stragglers, trying to figure away around the deadly grounds.
I'll check on it later today and see how it is going once the grounds dry. I am determined to keep these things away. I wonder how long it will take the queen to die of starvation. I'm sure there is plenty of food to sustain them in there for awhile, but I blocked their entry, so no one is going in or out. I'm assuming that is the only entry because of how determined they were to get in it. And it is concrete, they can't go build a new hole!
I'm thinking of sprinkling grounds all over my yard. I wonder what that would do to my vegetation.
If you recall, (And I was going to link to the entry...but I really must stop naming them ridiculous things, it makes it impossible to find specific entries!) Zachy is very allergic to these things...and I will charge on to protect my baby. HA...maybe the ants need to think about that. They need a mommy willing to protect them, instead of her sitting on her rump making them do the dirty work!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

No thank you

Zachy says 'no thank you' all the time. Collin is currently in the bathroom, and Z was knocking on the door. I said, 'do you need to go potty too?' and he nodded yes. Collin said, 'do you need to go poop like me?' Zachy said, 'no thank you Collin' WHAT A HOOT!!
Just to let you know, he didn't want to use the potty, he is so far from being potty trained it isn't even funny.

Could they be any cuter than this??

~*~*~*Hermie is a series of christian videos and books about a caterpillar~*~*~*~*

My kids found a caterpillar awhile ago. It was the biggest caterpillar I'd ever seen, and it was a brilliant green with blue stripes. We caught it and put in in our butterfly container. Thank goodness for the internet because I found out what type it was and learned that they needed dirt to dig down in and make their cocoon. So, we put dirt in and he dug down in there. We thought for sure he had died. But when I went to dump out the dirt I saw his cocoon.

I was just in the kitchen and glanced over at the butterfly container and saw a moth! And ugly brown moth, at that.

Collin was THRILLED and said, 'Zachy...look...our hermie is a butterfly!!'
It was so cute!
I'm bummed that the older boys missed it, cause we will have to let it go before they get home. Oh well...maybe another time!


I just got a phone call. It was Dillon. Poor thing said he just called cause he really misses me. :-( He said he is having fun, but that he has tried to talk to Matthew and Matthew refuses to talk to him. Matthew will be getting a talking too. GRRRRRRRR
Poor thing, he sounded so sad.
He was pretty excited that he got to go water skiing, and he said he actually got UP!! WOOHOO Dillon!!
He also asked if I would send him mail. I told him I had, and that maybe he'd get it today or tomorrow. It isn't far away, so it is possible to get it today, even though I mailed it yesterday. I hope so. He needs a spirit lifter upper.
Anyway, I'm sure he'll adjust and have more fun. He said he is getting really tired though walking up all the stairs. He has been taking his allergy meds and his inhaler twice a day. I just hope this doesn't send him into an attack. I can always tell when he needs his inhaler, and that is when he is getting tired walking up the stairs. This must be killing him. :-(
Gosh, when I was at camp they didn't ever let you call home, I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to be able to call home. We'll see.
And to think...this is the kid that said, 'this is my stop...I'll see ya later' LOL Goofball!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

We survived and now they're gone

Well, we survived the 24 hour monitor. It was tough. But once it was time to take it off, he flipped. The tape hurt coming off, poor thing.
But alls well that ends well, I suppose! I hope we don't have to mess with that again for a long while!
Today, we took the eldest 2 boys to camp. This is their first year, and they have been looking forward to it so much. We checked them all in and got their cabin assignments, then took them to their cabins.
Dillon is in cabin 2, and Matthew is in 4. They are right next to each other, with cabin 3 being set back further. So we pull into the grass to park and unload them, and Dillon sees the number 2. We stop and he says, "well, this is my stop, see you in a week, bye" I about died. I told him he didn't get off that easily, that he had to at least let us walk him in and get him settled! Goofy kid.
Once inside, they were pretty excited because everyone was getting their swimsuits on to head to the pool. They had to do swimming tests to determine their level of swim ability. So that was cool. They got there, set up, and changed into their suits and were off with the rest of the kids in their cabin.
I miss them tonight though. I wish I could go tuck them in. And I hope they aren't homesick!! They are probably sound asleep by now, but the nighttime is always hardest when it comes to being homesick.
I'll mail them packages tomorrow and send off some letters. It's gonna be a long week!!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Appointment update

Zachy had his yearly cardiology visit today.
It went really well.
I had told him that there would be no ouchies, just tickles. When we got in the room, I showed him the wand they would put on his chest to see his heart and the screen where he could see his heart. I also told him there would be lots of slime.
He did really really well for the echo and ekg. He would say, "no ouchies mommy" and "tickle tickle mommy" I was so proud of him. And he thought his "stickers" were pretty cool, even if they hurt a bit coming off.
Everything looked great. YAY!!
However, the dr wanted him to do a 24 hour holter monitor. So he hooked him all up. I asked the dr if it would be hard to keep it on him. He told me no, as long as he had a shirt on.
Well, we got home, I went in to start laundry and right away Zachy came to me saying, "all done mommy" with all the electrodes off. That made them lose their sticky. So the dr said we could just use tape. Since then, it's been a battle to keep the tape stuck to him. Matt did it pretty well tonight.
It kind of freaks me out. It sends me back to too many terrible memories, seeing him with all kinds of wires coming off of him. Ick.
Depending on how the monitor looks, will determine how long until the dr wants to see him again. I'm really afraid it will be like a several year thing. And while that must sound great to you all, it scares me. I like knowing that he is doing good.
So there you have it. Good news. Phew!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

These things are not good

I have lost my keys. I'm sure I just saw them. But alas...where? I've searched nearly everywhere...and no keys.
Yesterday, the boys were all in there room playing and I went in to talk to them. Matthew was sitting on his bed, which happens to be a top bunk. All of a sudden there was a "POP" and one of the main support boards just snapped. There is no way to fix it. He wasn't being rough or anything, and the boy doesn't even weigh 60 pounds yet. Just..POP. So, he slept with Zachy last night, and Dillon complained that everyone got to sleep on the bottom, so he slept with Collin. I told Matt we should just push the two bottoms together and make it a king size bed and let them all sleep together!
Seriously though, I don't know what we will do about the bed. Not good.

Do you see how rough they are??

Matt informed me yesterday that if Michele had been eating a pork chop, my bacon bit pun would have been funny.
Then, I wake up this morning to read my email, and I read a comment from my mother in law, saying the exact same thing!
THEY'RE RELENTLESS I TELL YA!!! I'm still such a wit baby, you'd think they'd give me a little bit of a break! Sheesh!!
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