Thursday, November 9, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

OK, not really..but since it NEVER looks like Christmas here, I can start any ole time I like!!
I have officially finished all my shopping for our extended families. Everything is ordered and on it's way to it's destination.
I even shopped a bit for Matthew and Matt. So, all I have left is the boys and Matt. WOOHOO!! That feels GREAT!!
I have my Christmas cards and am debating writing a letter. This year has been so boring for us, that I think I might just leave it out this year. Less work for me. And as soon as I get them done, I can start on my Christmas baking. And when that's all done..I can start on my baby announcements!! YIPPEE!!
Some of you have asked what we want for Christmas, and I've said baby stuff. To help everyone out (and because it's so much fun!!) I'm going to go to Babies R Us tomorrow and register. Then y'all can just look online there and get an idea of what we need. Doesn't that sound like fun??
Matt has the day off tomorrow..what fun!!!
It's about time for my Christmas music to come on the site!!
Wow, I just looked at my ticker, and by Christmas I'll be in double digits! Time's flyin!!


Cory said...

Hehe, I'm always playing catch-up on your blog Bekki! Once again, I LOVE the song you've chosen...makes me bawl everytime too.
Congrats on getting your girl! I had a huge smile on when I was reading that exciting! :D I will definitely send some prayers up for healthy, pink little princess.
Love the pictures of you and your family...your boys are adorable. And you look GREAT pregnant! WOW! :)

ivy said...

I'm far from finished with my christmas shopping.. okay truth is i havent really began.. i've bought for ONE person and she isnt even a family member..LOL.. The pictures are lovely! Your boys are so cute!!

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