Friday, April 20, 2007

It only took two years

This last week, I joined a new homeschool group.
Yes, at the very end of the year. But that's ok.
These new neighbors are a little rough around the edges, and honestly, we don't really want our kids hanging out with them. Matthew is fine with this, they drive him crazy. But Dillon is just enamored by them. It scares me, because Dill is so impressionable, and I would much rather he be impressed my good kids than bad!
I went walking with a different neighbor last night and she said, 'you know, God either makes us a follower or a leader and there's nothing wrong with either one, we just have to help them to follow the right people" I think this is so true. I hear parents say, "well I've taught them right, they know what to do" I don't buy this for a second. I've taught Dillon well..and yet, in certain circumstances, he seems to forget what he's been taught!
Which led me to find a christian homeschool group. They also happen to be a military group. So, yesterday was park day. And we went. And it was great!
It was so nice to be around normal people! Normal by my standards anyway. People who enjoy having their kids around and aren't trying to get rid of them at every chance. People who also hated Texas when they first got here, but learned to like it while they're here. Just little things like that. I felt at home with them.
And the kids had a great time too. Of course it will take awhile to form real friendships. Dillon found someone he latched right onto. Matthew might take awhile longer. But it will happen. I hope.
Thankfully, they meet all summer long, so it really is of little consequence that I joined now.
I'm just so happy to finally be part of a group here. Finding homeschool groups was easier in Ohio and Idaho, which is funny, since San Antonio is much bigger than anywhere we were before!
Hooray for homeschool groups!!


Mama Gina said...

wonderful! I'm so happy you found your group. :) It really does make a difference. :)
Em is just so beautiful, and you're right, looks just like her brothers! :D
and to answer what you put on my blog:
Totally not related to anything..
1)how do you get your blinkies to actually blink on here? I never could with blogger
I load them to photobucket as images. ;)
2)you are a GENIOUS! I changed the belt on my vaccuum and voila!! Yay!! so glad it's working!
Now to figure out how you save so much money at the grocery store!! sales and coupons together. I use a LOT of coupons. our local library has free coupons to share, may check yours or something like that. :)

Maria said...

that is my next mission is to find a homeschooling group too!!! i hope to find one this summer so that alex can get some real friends time in!! how exciting!! i AM excited!!! i can't believe he will be in kinder this year!! any tips?!?!?!

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