Sunday, August 5, 2007


Our lives are molded and shaped by all the events in our lives.
Whether they be good or bad events, they form us.
I've had many events in my life. Once, I was asked to do the sound effects for the community theater's production of South Pacific. It was there, that I met Matt. That small event, would pave the way for the rest of my life.
Because of that play, my life has changed in so many ways.
I've found out that I am much stronger than I ever imagined I could be. I think I can survive just about anything.
Four years ago, I was about to embark on a huge life changing event.
The birth of each of my five children, has changed my life.
At this time, four years ago, I was going through my first drug free labor. It was induced with Pit, so I guess it wasn't completely drug free. And once, I had a shot of nubane, just to gather my senses.
The birth of Zachary, was a pain I had never experienced. But the physical pain, was nothing compared to the pain my heart would feel over the next couple of days.
You all know the story. I won't bore you with it.
Every year since then, Zachy has grown to be an amazing person. He makes me laugh so much. And frustrates me all at the same time. He is so giving with his love and kisses.
I couldn't ask for more, he is my Zachy.
Happy Birthday sweet, sweet boy. You have shaped me in only a way you could. I love you more than you can ever imagine.


Crayonsetc said...

Oh my goodness... He is 4 already. It seems like it was just yesterday and I was calling you at the hospital!!!

Happy Birthday big boy. God has big plans for you!!!

Maria said...


i am so happy you are HERE and you are the person you are....the trials of TAPVR are a rough lot that these wonderful kids go thru but they sure make them AND US stronger....GOD BLESS YOU....

maria & your TAPVR heart friend MATTHEW!!

Gina said...

Happy birthday, Zachy! I love you so much and miss you like crazy!

Love, Auntie Beana

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Zachy!!

gina (uk) said...

Happy Birthday big boy :)

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