Monday, September 15, 2008


Pictures of Emmie's surgery. And the night before.
I'm no longer doing slide shows because my dear friend lives in the boonies and doesn't have high speed internet. So, for you Theresa..normal pictures!

It was 5:30 am, and she was so sleepy. She loves her baby.

Not too tired to play games though!

All dressed up and ready to go.

Unfortunately, it was a long wait, with lots of time to kill.

When it was about time to go, they gave her some versed, nasally. Now, versed is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't matter how it is administered (nasally or orally)it is icky. It tastes bad, so it's tough to get babies to drink it. But who really likes the feeling of fluid being pushed up their nose?
This picture was taken when the versed was starting to work. Not enough for her to be drunk yet, but she had been crying a lot before this. She was settling down at this point. Please don't pay any attention to how tired I look here.

Relaxing, almost drunk. If you look closely, you can see my watery eyes. Let me take this opportunity to tell you something. It does not matter how minor a procedure is, it is still very difficult to think of your child being sedated and undergoing surgery. You would think, after open heart surgery, I would be able to say, "hey no big deal, it's just teeth" but no. She's still my baby. And it's still hard.

Finally drunk. I have pictures that are almost identical to this one of Matthew and Zachy. The mouth falls open, their eyes droop, and their heads flop back. Hello giggle land!

Bye Bye Sweet Girl.

And then it's all over and we're ready to go home! Still sleepy, but awake.

OK, I had to take this picture. They insisted on pushing her out in a wheelchair. This is how the pictures always look when there is a new baby, but I'm in the chair, holding the baby. I told Matt now he knows how it feels to be a total goof being wheeled out when you are perfectly fine!


Debbie N said...

i enjoyed the photos! surgery is so hard!! you are very strong and are a great mama!

anna said...

I still say she looks like you....but she does look like Matthew and Zachy when she is the way, I can't believe how much her hair has grown in a month's time! Such cute curls!!!!!!

tim & gina said...

Awww...sweet, sweet girl! Love the photos! I'm soooo glad all is well and over with! And, yep, now Matt knows what it feels like to have the entire hospital look at you and stare while you are being wheeled out! Hee Hee!

Theresa said...

Thank you! I'm so happy to be able to view pictures way out here in the boonies. I see your children all the time but I still love seeing their pictures! One day soon I will have to call Hughes (satellite). The older the girls get the more they need high speed Internet for their studies. I miss you. See you soon!

gina (uk) said...

Arrrggghhh bless her, I am glad all went so well and what a brave Momma as well. Gotta love the photo of Daddy in the wheelchair ! I didn't even get that service after having the twins - me jealous ;)

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