Monday, May 4, 2009

Very Concerned

We are going to be staying at a timeshare in Florida. Through the military. It was one of the few that had occupancy allowances great enough for our family.
The problem is, the place doesn't get great reviews.
I had read these reviews in the past, and was a bit worried, but really didn't have much choice, because of the occupancy thing.
Now, I'm reading more reviews, and I am worried.
Oh, I am so scared that our condo will be nasty, or that it will be super loud, or that our van will be broken into...all things mentioned in reviews. And they are supposedly super pushy about trying to sell you a timeshare. Which, I can deal's the other stuff that really worries me.
I keep trying to tell myself that we will mostly be at the parks, but I have a pit in my stomach that just won't go away. *sigh*
I suppose I just need to think of it as an adventure!


anna said...

It is an adventure....and your God is greater than all the bad things....and you don't have to be there forever, just a few days....and you will be with those you love....and you can stand anything for a short time..... is any of this helping????? When do you go?

anna said...

Oh....I forgot....practice this....No Thank you....No Thanks...No, I don't think so...NO...NO....NO.NO.NO......

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