Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ohio has been rough on us

Or maybe it's the year 2011..I'm not sure.
We arrived here November 19.  I suppose things were good until January, so maybe I should be blaming the year instead of the state.
After Tuesday we will be able to say that since arriving here we've had two surgeries.
We've had an eleven day hospitalization.
And we've also had three emergency room visits.
We will be familiar with five separate hospitals.
Something is so wrong with this picture, people!
We have also been involved with three separate groups that are supposed to be fun, and have been so disorganized it isn't funny. 
It has been a crazy place (year?) for us. 
There have been some good things here, I suppose.
There was snow.  Lots of snow.
There has been rain.  Lots of rain.
Now it is green.  Lots of green. 
I have met a few people that I think will be great friends.
The mended little hearts group seems to be great, and active.
We have great new doctors (I was so worried about this before we moved).
We bought a house (and now pray the market turns around before we have to leave so it doesn't end up being the biggest mistake we have ever made!)
Yes, things have been bad, but they have also been good.
I so badly want to love it here.  Hasn't happened yet, but we are still new here....right?  Six months is nothing.  Although, it's half a year, and if it's the year that has been bad, then it is a very long time.
I hope my love for the state happens soon!


Rachael said...

Don't blame the state, I really think it's just been a tough year! I know what you mean about trying to find the love for your new state, or in my case country. It's definitely tough and takes a while! Keep hanging in!

Cheryl Garris said...

Ah yes a troubled year, I know the feeling.....but you still have your husband and kids....what more could be better! :) I have come to appreciate my family and the dact that they are here, more than anything!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am swedish reader.
Just want you to know that i appreciate(?) reading your blog.
In Sweden stay-at-home mums almost don´t exist, and homeschooling doesn't exist att all.
We have four kids between the age 2 and 10 and I'm still at home but I will go back to work in August.


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