Saturday, February 17, 2007


Can you believe it? I know, I've been very bad.
We have all been sick. Coughing our lungs up and other fun stuff like that. Matthew got the worst of it, his was complete with an ear, eye, and throat infection. The dr claims it's all allergies, but I just don't think so. Matthew is getting better and he's the only one being treated with antibiotics.
I told Matt today that I must have a cervix of steel, because as hard as I've been coughing I would think this little one would just be coughed right out!
So yeah, it's been fun.
Meanwhile, we try to go on as if everything is normal. My sabbath school class appears to be growing, which is so great because it was just 2 kids. The problem is, I've felt too poorly to really embrace the new kids.
Last week, my great-aunt Jo died very suddenly and unexpectedly. I adored her, and am so very sad that she is gone. It isn't like I ever saw her very often, but just thinking about her family that she left behind kills me. She had 7 kids, and lots of grandkids, and I know they all adored her as much as me, more so, I'm sure.
At my 34 week ultra sound it was determined that little miss no name was 6 1/2 pounds. Just about what Collin was at that time. So, another big babe for me! WHEE!!
OK, this is so scattered, and Matt just told me it's dinner time. If I ever have something mroe exciting to write about, I will make the effort to do so.

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Tom said...

Ok, so from here out, you need to post every day even if just to say "no baby yet". Only pooptarts take such long breaks in the last month of pregnancy. :P

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