Monday, February 5, 2007

Baby Shower

My baby shower was yesterday and it was so much fun.
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful church family who loves us all so much.
I've been washing lots of blankets and onesies and towels and and looks like a giant pink monster threw up in my washing machine when I fill it up!!
I also got a bumbo chair (YAY!! the boys think this is especially cool, especially Collin, he just told me a bit ago that we can take her to the beach now and sit her in the bumbo hehe) and I got a monitor!! YAY ME!! And then just lots of clothes and little essential stuff.
A funny thing though...I got a doll, and some pink stuffed animals. They are all piled up on my dresser right now, and every time I pass by I have a fleeting thought of, "whose doll is that? we need to get it back to her" Then it occurs to me that it is OUR doll. It just sooo doesn't seem to belong in this house!! It's totally wierd.
Anyway, I Am sooo excited to have this baby. I swear, I can practically feel the velvety softness of her head cradled in my hand. *sigh* I can't wait....not much longer now.


gina (UK) - its a great name said...

I remember the pink 'high' I used to get after two boys, so u must feel like bursting with pink pride.

I am glad u had a good baby shower, we should do those in the UK lol !

Maria said...

sounds like you had a GREAT SHOWER!! congrats!!! I CAN ONLY IMAGINE how it must be to have some dolls and PINK stuff in a world of BOYS!!! how fun!

Ivy said...

Sounds great!! Im totally jealous! I so need a bumbo chair!! Even more so now that Wyatt wants to sit up.. And falls over everytime you sit him up.. he is no longer thrilled with the car seat, or bouncer, or his lil rocking chair that straps him in.. no it doesnt give him the access to everything he wants.. like my desk, the remote control, my drink, keys, ect.. the list goes on!

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