Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beach days

When my mom was still here, we all went down to S. Padre Island to play at the beach.
It was a little tough because Emily was only a little over a week old, and at one point Zachy got sand in his eyes and just couldn't get over it, but we survived.
There were great big sand dunes that the boys jumped down. The water was chilly, but the boys didn't seem to mind! They all had a blast.


Shell said...

YOu are getting good at that photobucket thing! I love the picture of Matthew jumping! I can't believe you guys are playing in the ocean while we are freezing up here! BTW, I tried to post on Emily's pictures, but I guess it didn't take, I said she is BE-A-U-TIFUL!!! And most definitely a Williams! She sure looks like her big brothers.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. They look very happy!


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