Friday, June 25, 2010

Did I happen to mention...

Emily has a broken elbow. Did you know this? Did I ever tell my dear readers this? Well, it's true. A month ago, she fell while playing with the kids at play practice. She immediately complained about her elbow. We thought she would go to sleep and wake up having forgotten about it. Instead, the next morning, she sat up, and screamed, "MY ELBOW!!" Off to the ER it was. All they could determine was that she had an effusion, and they suspected a radial head fracture. She was splinted for two weeks. After the two weeks, we headed back. They x-rayed her and said her elbow looked good, but that since she was still having pain, they decided to be conservative in their treatment. We were told two weeks in a cast, and then she would be good to go.
The two weeks was up today. We went. They took off her cast. They did x-rays. The next thing I knew, the doctor was telling us that now a fracture was definitely showing up. She is back in a cast for two more weeks.
This seems to be exactly what I've read about, regarding radial head fractures. For some reason, x-rays don't reveal them for several weeks.
I am so glad they decided to treat it as broken a month ago!
We are headed to Chuck E Cheese tonight. We had told her we could go swimming today. Poor thing.

We told her we were going swimming because last weekend my dad was in town. He started the older boys on scuba certification. So they spent the weekend in his hotel pool. The girls and I spent it at home. She so wanted to swim.

When it finally comes off..we will have to go swimming.

Did I also neglect to mention that Dillon broke his finger? It's so hard to recall what I wrote here and what I wrote on Facebook.

About a week before Emily broke her elbow, Collin fell off the couch. His knee landed on Dillon's finger. Breaking the tip of it.

Good grief, who knew a broken finger could be such an ordeal! First, the ER just gave us a splint. Said it was just cracked a bit. After two weeks, we went to the orthopaedist who said it was broken, at the growth plate. The ER didn't reset it or anything, so his finger has a permanent bend to it. Nothing major.

However, when I took Emily in today, he had a check up also. The doctor squeezed it, as usual, and he said it hurt. This far out, it shouldn't hurt. It is also pretty swollen. So, they ordered blood work to check for infection. The doc just called me and said it was all negative, so it's a skin infection. And now he has to take antibiotics for ten days.

All for a broken finger!!! Goodness gracious!

I hope we are nearing the end of this train. It feels like we've been living at the orthopaedics clinic. I'm ready to get on with summer!


Crystal Roberts said...

Crazy! Man, hope no more broken bones come your way and that everyone gets on the mends quickly!

GinaBeana said...

Those poor kiddos! I wish we could be there to play with them and help take their mind off of broken bones! Love you all SO much!

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