Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Five ~ Dinner with the Captain

On day five, Matt and I woke up wondering why it felt like we were still moving. We looked out the window and didn't see an island. We were scheduled to arrive at Grand Cayman early in the morning, but we didn't see it. We thought maybe it was on the other side of the ship. It was hard to tell what was going on, because the water was pretty choppy. We finally turned on the TV and saw that we were, indeed, still moving. Apparently, the weather was too bad for the ship to dock.
This was a huge bummer because we had been scheduled to do a pirate ship excursion. The kids were really looking forward to it.
Instead, we ate. HA! No, actually, the pics from the first entry that didn't fit anywhere, most of those came from day five. We spent lots of time at the arcade, and the kids went and did their programs.
Later, we did a scavenger hunt, which we did not win! BOO!!
We also found a karaoke booth. This booth was so cool, and tucked away in a corner, so it was deserted. We spent hours just singing our hearts out together. It was so great.
Then the time came to get ready for dinner. I have to say, the idea of having a formal dinner with the captain unnerved me. We had bought the kids all matching Jamaican shirts, it was the best we could do.
We met with Brett at a bar before dinner for drinks. The kids were excited because they were told it was all on the captain, so they got to have virgin daiquiris.
It was then time to head to the dining room.
The captain's table was right in the middle of the room, and it felt like we were on display. Especially, when the captain made his grand entrance...all eyes were on him..then us. EEK!!

Thankfully, as I mentioned before, he is amazing. It wasn't long before we were totally at ease.
Dinner was great, and afterwards we headed to our room to digest our food.
After awhile it was time to head to the flowrider.
This was an amazing pool with water shooting 35 mph to create a wave affect in which people could surf. They closed it for an hour for us, which was just one more amazing thing they did for us!
There were height restrictions and we had measured Zachy previously. He was tall enough..or so we thought. We didn't take into account that he had his shoes on!!
He didn't clear the restriction and he wouldn't be able to participate. Talk about breaking his heart.
The three eldest, Matt, and myself all tried out the boogie boards. The boys all took to it very quickly.

Let me just tell you..it was hard. One time was enough for me.
Zachy sat and was so, so sad. It killed me.

He decided to ask if he could at least stand in the water..and then, the most amazing thing happened.
Sam, the guy in charge, took Zachy to the bottom of the hill, sat him on his lap, and shot up the hill with him.

Zachy was THRILLED.

I cannot tell you what that moment meant to me. They did this just to make one little boy happy. Sam and Brett did it over and over, just to see him smile. Amazing.
The big boys all did some cool tricks and all tried standing up, but preferred the boogie boards.

After we were done with the flowrider, we had a little girl to take care of. She ran around the whole time while the boys played, and we took her swimming afterwards.

We then headed to our room and were greeted by elephants.

And off to bed we went.

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