Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Four- Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Day Four brought us to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We had been advised by the excursions people that Jamaica wasn't really a family friendly place, so had planned to stay on the ship.
Except, remember a few entries ago when I told you the captain invited us to dinner? Well, it was on formal night, and we had nothing formal to wear. We had planned to skip formal nights in the dining room.
We decided to venture off the ship to try and find some decent clothes for formal night the next night.

Jamaica was not fun. The people harassed us like crazy. The kids have said if they never go back to Jamaica that will be just fine with them.
We did a bit of shopping, took a picture of a Bob Marley statue, and headed back to the ship.

Once on the ship, Emily and Natalie fell asleep, so Matt and the boys all headed out to do the rock climbing wall.

They all got suited up, but unfortunately, it started to rain a bit so only Dillon and Matthew got to climb.
After dinner we had priority seating at the ice skating show. We sat right in the front and enjoyed the awesome show.

Afterwards, we got to stay and the skaters came and talked with us and took pictures. They were all so nice. I think it must be a prerequisite to be nice to work on a cruise ship, because everyone we encountered was just great.

I'm sure there was more arcade time, though I'm not sure. I just know we were out late, every night. Enjoying the stars and just being on the ship.

We headed to bed, and were greeted by swans.

Doesn't that bed look so comfy? It was. I wish it we owned it. We were rocked to sleep as the waves were getting a bit bigger. Yet another great day.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like another fabulous day of course! I love the picture of the girls with the skater guys. They don't look like they are enjoying all those strange men very much! lol
Love ya,

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