Sunday, November 2, 2008

Heart Video

OK, as if I'm not emotional enough these days...a mom on my heart list sent this video. Her son is Brayden.
This is so cool that I'm even removing my Christmas music for awhile so everyone can see just how awesome this is.
Of course, I cry through it like a big ol' baby!

*edited to add...if you can't tell, all of these are heart defects.


tim & gina said...

Wow...soooo cool! I'm so happy that Zachy is a "look at you know" kid! He's so SPECIAL!!

Debbie N said...

wow if your a big baby so am i. that brought tears to me too

gina (uk) said...

That touched me and we watched it all the way. Those children were so sick. I thank God for medical advances.

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