Sunday, November 9, 2008

Treadmill test

After adjusting the settings on Zachy's pacemaker, he got to do his first treadmill test. Isn't he so cute??
And let me just add, that as cheesy as it may seem, it makes me very proud that the men surrounding him are all in uniform.


tim & gina said... cute is that?!?! Looks like he did awesome!

Debbie N said...

he is so cute but it brought tears that he has to do it. i'm so glad god gave us stuff to svae our kiddo's. It is awesome to have then men around him!

gina (uk) said...

OMG he has come so far. That was great seeing that and the girls were like 'wow'. You must be so proud of him.

Maria said...

awww...he looks GREAT! and that he is RUNNING!

i hope that the test are all ok and he does well and it was a "quick" fix!!

and i saw dr b there!! aww, i remember him!! :)

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