Saturday, December 6, 2008

Does this make me a hypocrite?

Thursday, Collin had an appointment that brought us to the base.
We were having ice cream at the BX when I noticed our surroundings.
We are at a training base, and every week there is a graduation from Basic Training. Families normally arrive for this on Wednesday or Thursday. Graduation is Saturday.
We were surrounded by young men, and their parents. And suddenly, I was very afraid.
"Do any of you want to join the air force when you grow up?" I asked timidly.
"ME! I do!" Dillon exclaimed excitedly.
My heart sank.
Not my boy. He can't join the military!
OK, now here's the kicker. I love the military. I love what it has done for my family. We are so much better off being a military family than we would be if we were just plain civilians. BUT. Isn't there always a 'but'??
BUT...Matt isn't deployable. And, he isn't my child! (Sorry Anna!)
I really don't make a great military wife. I would be really upset if Matt had to go to war.
Currently, Dillon and Emily are the only two children who could even join the military in our family (which I'm secretly glad about!), and it could be a huge help to them, like it was to us.
But, that doesn't change the fact that they are my babies!
Matt thinks it would be great, and can picture the day we would be back in San Antonio with Dillon for graduation, but me, I'm not so sure.
I mean..look at that innocent little face!


JoAnn said...

I understand your feelings. My husband was in the Navy before we met. He was medically discharged and I am thankful that he can never to recalled even though the medical issue that discharged him no longer exists. I appreciate the sacrifice others make but I would have a hard time making it myself with my own family members.

Elli said...

I'm right there too. My dad was in the Navy. Now I have three sons (and a daughter). I have the very deepest appreciation and respect for those who so selflessly serve our country, but I can't help but hope that it never has to be my son. This is a thought that sends me into near panic attacks at times. Mine are 10, 9, and 5. My oldest has a desire to serve in the military and will remind me that he will be old enough in just 8 more years. /sigh ...eight very short years.

Shawnee said...

He is adorable I can understand why you wouldn't want him being in the military, not that I don't think they do a great job!

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