Monday, July 20, 2009


Edited to add: my sister told me this sounds like they will be removing his eye in September. No, they will be doing a surgery to help him be comfortable. The doc talked with him about removing his eye because, at some point, that is what will happen.

Today, Matthew had a follow up appointment with the glaucoma doc.
After adding another drop, his pressure was actually higher today than last week.
The doc said it was time to start making some hard decisions. The cornea doc decided it was too soon to say his cornea is failing. But they both agreed that it definitely will. And when it does, it will be painful.
But for now, we have decided to move forward with a laser surgery. It is a procedure that will cause his eye to stop making so much fluid. This will, hopefully, reduce the pressure.
The goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.
The doctor talked him through the procedure to remove an eye, which made Matthew feel much better.
So, surgery is tentatively scheduled for the first week of September. I do hope it helps him be comfortable!


Gina said...

Oh, man! We will definitely not stop praying! Love you mucho, Matthew!!

truth said...

I am so sorry that you guys are going through this. I can only imagine how difficult this must be.

Anonymous said...

I pray the surgery will go well!

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