Thursday, July 30, 2009

What we've been up to

I'm awfully sorry I have let my little blog be vacant for so long. I have just been wiped out lately, and haven't had the oomph to update.
So what have we been doing lately?
We are working on potty training. Emily does really well. She just hasn't gotten to the point of telling us she needs to poop, so unless we catch her, it's not nice. Someday, she'll tell us...I hope!
Today, Collin and Zachy went to the dentist. Collin had a tooth wiggled out. He was so scared, but did really, really well. Once he got his happy gas he was good to go.
Zachy had some fillings and sealants, and also did well.
Tarzan is doing well and growing quickly. I had an appointment on Tuesday where we were going to find out the gender. However, someone decided to show us very cute feet that were crossed tightly right in the right place. Oh well. We go back next month, and all that really matters is that everything looks good right now.
In our free time, we are focusing on getting ready to go to OshKosh. We leave in a week and a half. It will be nice to be there and then back home again. It's been an awful lot of planning and I'll be glad to have it done. I am looking forward to it though.
We are also coming up on the big birthday season for us. Zachy's birthday is the 5th and Collin's is on the 10th. We'll be taking them to chuck E cheese before we leave.
And then there is the normal planning for the upcoming school year. That always takes time.
But other than that, life goes on as usual.
I'll try to post something more exciting in another post. Maybe put some pictures up.

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