Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caridologist appt.

I'm taking a little break from my story to let you know about Natalie's appointment yesterday.
She weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces now. I knew once the lasix was stopped she'd start putting on the weight, and she has. Almost 2 pounds in a month! WAY TO GO NATALIE!!
She has an upper left pulmonary vein that is narrow..however, it has always been narrow. If you look at the picture, you can see that it actually attaches to the lower left pulmonary vein. It's something that we have to keep an eye on. If it gets too narrow, it may need surgery. The doctor said that since it is only one vein, if she doesn't have any issues then it may not need anything. We'll pray for that!
Also, she has a bit of narrowing at the repair site. This is the one that will be more important. As she grows, the scar may or may not grow well with her. If it doesn't, then they will have to redo things and fix that. If it stays the same narrowness (is that a word?!?!) that it is now, it should be fine. Again, we're praying for that!
In a few months, Dr Bush thinks he will probably do an MRI to see things more clearly, but maybe not.
It feels like everything is wait and see! God really must think I need to work on my patience. Who am I kidding? He's right!!
Also, Dr Bush still thinks her rhythms are good. If she needs paced he thinks it won't be for "decades and decades". I'll take that!! None of this four year old business.
So for now, we wait. Which is good. I'd rather have that then some issue that needs to be taken care of right now.
Here are some pictures from before her heart was fixed.
The first is her pulmonary veins that are clearly, not attached to the back of her heart. The vein that they are attached to, isn't even supposed to be there.
The second is just showing how much bigger the right half of her heart was. It is all back to it's normal size now, thank goodness!

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