Friday, March 19, 2010

Unbreakable Bond

I have been meaning to write about this..and every day it gets better.
The bond between Zachy and Natalie is unbelievable.
Zachy tells her every day that he is so glad she didn't die, and that God let her stay with us. He truly means it.
He kisses her all the time and is always whispering in her ears.
Today, he asked me if we were going to have anymore babies.
I explained to him that I didn't know, because I couldn't have handled if either of them had actually died, and we weren't sure we wanted to risk that again.
He said, "that's why I want to protect babies. I want to be a doctor"
"oh really? A doctor that takes care of babies? Or a doctor that takes care of babies hearts?"
"A doctor that takes care of their hearts. I don't ever want a baby to die because of their heart"
This is the first time he has expressed an interest in being a doctor.
We have often asked him if he wanted to grow up and be like Dr. Bush, and the answer was always no.
Apparently, seeing what it does to someone, other than yourself, totally changes things.
He never used to really talk about his heart, but now he does.
He tells me, "me and Natalie have the specialist hearts in the family".
He loves her so deeply, and it touches me so much. They will be bound for life.
He is young, and time will tell if he becomes a pediatric cardiologist, but I can't imagine anyone more empathetic than him.


shruley said...

My 6 year old has said for awhile she wants to be a doctor, "To make my sister all better". What was surprising was to listen to a panel of 7 young adults living with CHD, 4 of them were going into the medical profession, including 1 who was already at nurse at Children's and 2 who were pre-med. Our resident is doing her fellowship in Peds. Cardiology and she herself has a CHD and a pacemaker. I do think there is something about being a heart kid that draws them to the medical professions.

GinaBeana said...

Oh, Zachy, you are such a sweet, sweet boy...Natalie is so lucky to have such a great big brother to be watching out for her!! Such a huge tie binding them that no one will ever understand. So amazing...

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