Thursday, December 2, 2010

The post that has no title

Tonight probably isn't the best night for me to be writing.
I'm a bit down tonight.
There's actually a whole entry I'd love to write, but I can almost hear people's thoughts. Unless you've walked in our shoes, there is no way you could understand, so I don't even think I'll bother trying to explain it.
I just want to write it out. I guess the old fashioned paper journals still have their place. There isn't anywhere online that I feel safe. Too many judgements can be made, and it just isn't worth it.
Instead, I'll write about Ohio.
It's weird.
I know I said this about Texas too, but it just is.
It's hard to imagine Ohio ever feeling like home.
So far, we've visited two churches. The first was way too big for us. No one talked to us, and it was just..blah. The second holds more promise.
It seems, though, that people around here just float from church to church, and in fact some have told us that that is what they do. They go to whatever church happens to be having something fun going on. Apparently, this particularly applies to the youth.
The only problem with that is that we want to have a home. We don't want to go here and there.
It's strange too, the whole area has one Pathfinder club. We took the older boys to the meeting on Tuesday and it seems to be OK. It's just so bizarre to us to have one choice. I mean, if we don't like it, there is no where else to go. Same with Adventurers, but we haven't tried that out yet. In fact, I think there might be a meeting this Sabbath. However, it's supposed to snow on Sabbath, several inches. It's been so long since we've driven in snow, that we are both a little hesitant to drive the great white in anything slick. We are worried that a van that heavy will just slide around like crazy. So, we'll see what we decide to do.
I'm feeling pretty lonely right now.
Matt has started back to work. His whole section moved up here, so he is working with all his old friends, and nothing but location has changed for him.
I am so very glad I have six children. I know that has made this easier for them, having each other. I know they still miss their friends, but they are all fairing quite well.
I'm trying to put a happy face on for them, but this part is hard. It takes awhile to get used to things, and to meet people. It doesn't help that people here don't seem all that friendly. Everyone seems so hurried, and that they don't have time for you. There was one lady at pathfinders that may be a potential friend. *sigh* Who knows. Time will tell. And it will get easier, I know this. It will just take awhile.

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