Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet Memories

Years ago, sixteen to be exact, Matt and I had no money.
We were blessed enough to have family with friends that allowed us to stay in their house, rent free, as long as we were fixing it up.
We were also blessed enough to have family that was doing all the work for us.
We were lazy. I look back at that moment in time and am ashamed. We complained about the house. Complained about people being there early to work. We were selfish.
This post isn't about that. Thank goodness for forgiveness, so we can move on from there!
At that time, we didn't have a washer or dryer. Once a week we would head to the laundromat(I can't believe we used to get by doing laundry once a week. ONCE!! Now I do several loads each day!!). The laundromat was in a strip mall type building. Next door was an arcade. We would load our laundry into the washer and head next door. We would play games. We each had our favorites, but we would always go back to a game that had cars side by side. We would race each other. Matt would beat me every single time. We would laugh and have a great time. We didn't have much money, so we would only play a few games. I will never forget the days of racing Matt.
During this move, all of our belongings are in storage. The only things we brought are the things we could fit in the back of the van, and in Matt's car. We didn't trust the movers with our TV, so it rode in the backseat of Matt's car. We figured there wouldn't be much to do, so we brought Guitar Hero with us.
Matt and I have spent so much time playing the Beatles Guitar Hero. Sometimes just us, more often with the kids. We still laugh.
It brings me back to those days, sixteen years ago, when it was just he and I, racing each other, every week.
Our lives are so much fuller now. So much better. But those are still sweet, sweet memories to me.
How I love that man, more and more every day.

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