Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am buried under so much to do.
Posting here isn't a high priority, though I did want to post yesterday.
Yesterday was Miss Nannie's first birthday! I can't believe she is a year! We are so thankful she is still with us. She is amazing, and wonderful, and all things good.
I didn't get to post though, because we moved into our house on Thursday.
We love, love, love it, but there is so much to do. Of course, this begins with unpacking. It is amazing how much stuff eight people can accumulate. I am getting pretty toss happy at this point.
The house is in absolute shambles right now. There is stuff everywhere. I have unpacked, and unpacked, and unpacked. I am almost done with everything upstairs. Downstairs is mainly just books. The bookshelves need to be hooked to the walls, but the battery to Matt's drill is dead, and he doesn't know where the charger is. It's all very frustrating!
I can't wait to be all settled and back to just living. I'd love to be done for the most part by Monday, because we need to get back to school.
Anyhow, posting will be scarce until I get all settled.

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