Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, Monday's actually Friday...but this Monday is the one I'm referring to.
If y'all could say a prayer for my Zachy, he'll be having surgery.
He has a lead wire that is threatening to break through his skin. If this happens then they would have to remove everything.
To avoid this, they are going to open up the pocket where the pacemaker is and revise that wire. At the same time, they will replace his pacemaker with a new one. One that is better than the one he has in now..and one that has a new battery! His battery currently has about 5 years left on it, but this will boost us back to seven to ten years. Then, if nothing else happens, he won't need another surgery until then.
He will stay overnight in the hospital. We got a hotel room there and will be staying nearby. The hard part will be the fact that no one under 14 is allowed upstairs, so we will have to split ourselves up. We will get through this though, we always do.
In other news, we are settling into our new house nicely. I love it. It is starting to feel like home. Currently, we are painting Emily and Natalie's room pink. Oh my is it pink. And Emmie LOVES it. I can't wait for it to be done so she can move back in to her room. Then we will work on the other bedrooms. After that, who knows what we'll paint.
We are close to being all unpacked, and I just wish we could finish it up and be done. I just keep putting it off though. Tsk Tsk!! I'll get there though.
The kids are enjoying the snow and sledding down our hill. Course they didn't have a sled so they were using the recycling bin! The neighbors felt bad for them and gave them one of theirs. Our neighbors are great, so kind.
This entry is totally all over the place, but I just wanted to jot some things down, but mainly ask for prayer for Zachy.
I'll keep you posted next week!

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