Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Nightmare!

Oh my goodness...what a horrible week this has been.
It started on Monday, with Zachy's surgery. They had a hard time because the lead wire giving them trouble was somehow wrapped around a muscle. Instead of the hour and a half they were expecting, he was in three and a half hours. There was lots of muscle manipulation, which caused him so much more pain than they first thought.
The first night, they thought he was doing pretty good, but then he started vomiting. He was unable to keep anything down. Finally, by mid morning that had passed and they discharged him.
He was pretty miserable all Tuesday.
Wednesday morning we woke up to Matthew feeling very poorly. Through the day, Dillon started feeling poorly as well.
I talked to Matt and he said he too, was feeling bad.
By the time it was time for Matt to come home he was feeling so bad that he almost called me to come pick him up. He made it home, but immediately crashed on the bed.
Thursday came and Matt stayed home from work, feeling horrible.
By this time everyone but Natalie and me, was feeling the crud. What sounded like a simple cold, was wiping my family out. They had coughs and headaches and lots of sinus congestion. Fevers as well.
Friday, Matt went to work, only to come home a couple hours later. I started to worry about him because he was in bad shape, and didn't seem to be getting any better.
It's strange, because writing this out, I realize it was a relatively short amount of time, but it all felt like an eternity.
Last night, people's appetites started coming back, so we had breakfast for dinner.
At bed time, Nannie started throwing up. This was different from what everyone else was suffering. She continued to throw up all night long. She would throw up and then want to nurse for comfort. She doesn't realize that nursing would make her throw up more. So all night the cycle continued.
This morning, Matt was feeling a lot better. The kids are all doing better as well.
Natalie went all day without vomiting, but has now started again. We shall see what the night brings.
Somehow, I have managed to not get ill. I'm worried that it is going to hit me soon, but so far, so good.
It has been a horrible, horrible week, and I am SO glad it's over.
Zachy isn't in too much pain at this point either. Thank goodness!

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Mrs B said...

oh Becki!! How awful and tiring!!
Pray you all get through this ASAP and back to full health xx

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