Friday, March 18, 2011


Just a few thoughts that are too long for status updates on Facebook.

~Collin, about Nannie, "We are so lucky we got that kind of baby. She is so funny." Apparently, there are different kinds of babies, and we got the funny kind. YAY!!

~Speaking of at the vet, a tech commented on the fact that Nannie is so small. She has a 16 month old who she says is huge. It's true though, Nannie is small. She weighs just 19 pounds. Most of my kids have hit 20 pounds long before a year old. Nannie is 14 months. At her last appointment, they were concerned about her weighing 19 pounds, because her growth curve has changed so much. She gained a pound or two, and now after her time in the hospital, she is 19 pounds again. She's just little, and oh so cute!

~This illness is making it's rounds. The last day Nan was in the hospital, I got really congested and felt awful. I'm down to just a runny nose. Two days ago, Matt had the same thing. A day of horrible congestion, oh and a fever. Today, it's gripped Dillon. I hope it's just one bad day for him too.

~This stinks because they wanted us at church tomorrow to do our second reading and vote us in. Our new church has been amazing. They brought all sorts of food to Matt and the kids. Two days, I had elders come sit and visit with me at the hospital. Collin and Zachy's teacher also came to visit. It would have been so lonely if they hadn't come.

~I do have a new friend. Well, I may have mentioned her before, but she is the teacher I just mentioned. She's great,and has kept me sane here. Her kids are Collin and Zachy's best friends, so it's been a blessing.

~Pathfinders here isn't going so well, and it makes me sad. Matthew hates going. And it stinks because there is just one local club so we can't even try a different club. Adventurers is kind of the same. And they are sooo organized...Adventurers and Pathfinders are having their investitures on the same night, at the same two different churches. So yeah, how will we split ourselves up? And seriously, are we the only ones with this issue?? It's just really frustrating, but I'm trying not to complain.

~I really want to love it here. I'm hoping that as it warms up, I will. I'm just so over the cold weather. It's nice today, but still overcast. I need some sun to help my mood. I am missing Texas so much right now, but like I said, really wanting to love it here.

~I was so pleased that it warmed up...I had bought clothesline and was looking forward to hanging the diapers out today. Then I realized I didn't buy clothespins!! Whoops!!!

~The kids are dying to go for a walk, it will be short because of Dillon, but I guess we will go. We all need the exercise and fresh air.

~Oh...last thing,check out this article from USA Today, pretty awesome

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