Thursday, July 6, 2006

Finally catching my breath

Good has been busy busy!
I last posted on Saturday.
Here's a recap of my week...

Sunday ~ spent almost the entire day out in the country at a church picnic. Good times had by all! It really was quite a nice day. Good to be surrounded by family.

Monday ~ spent the entire day at Sea World. We closed the place down. We didn't get home till midnight. But it was really fun. We spent the first part of the day at the water park, then around 5ish headed into the main park to catch all the nighttime shows. They were all really good. We also watched the fireworks. Then, after the fireworks, there was still an hour till closing. So Matt took the 3 younger ones on the log ride. It had a long line, so Matthew and I went on the Great White, which is a loopdy loop coaster, and the Steel Eel, which is a hypercoaster, it just goes really fast, up and down. We went on it 6 times in a row. My goodness. Matthew would have kept going, but my tummy was telling me otherwise! And I have a STRONG stomach. Good times!

Tuesday ~ Had a birthday party to attend. Ended up being there for hours. Took up our whole day, but the kids had a great time.

Wednesday~ another birthday party! The two kids actually shared the same birthday which was yesterday, thankfully they were celebrated on seperate days! Fun, but oh so hot out yesterday, and it has been MUGGY. Icky.

Thursday ~ That would be today. Collin and Dillon had well checks at the dr. Both did well. But all four of them were due for a hepatitis A shot, and then they told me that Collin was due for all his boosters. OK, I know this. I just didn't put together that he was turning FIVE and that's when they get them. It was so terrible. He had a total of 5 shots. He screamed so bad. And I had to hold him down. I was shaking and I almost threw up. It was terrible. The other two didn't react that way to their boosters. My poor baby. He recovered nicely though, and they all got blizzards from DQ. Then we came home and spent the rest of the day in the pool.

Tomorrow~ I get to stay home! HOORAY! I need to bake cookies, which is always fun in the heat. Blech. But we are having a Women's Luncheon at church on Sunday. I don't expect too many people there, but the leader is a friend of mine, and I told Matt I have to go, if for no other reason than to support her. Women's ministries is kind of floundering at our church. But hopefully she can get things going once again!

Saturday ~ church and pot luck.

Sunday ~ Luncheon

So you may see me around these parts on Monday!

Oh, in exciting news (well to me anyway) Zachy's therapist had her baby on Thursday. I saw her picture online and she is a cutie. I can't wait to go see her and hold the little bundle!

We are working hard trying to plan a birthday party for Matthew. Collin and Zachy too. But Matthew's is the big 1-0. And he has never had a big party. They have always been family parties, or shared with Dillon. So it's time he has his own big bash. Things are just so stinkin expensive!

And speaking of birthdays. Today is my brother in law, Tim's, birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMAY!!! We love you!

Do you all like this new song? I do. It is appropriate for this time of year. So to all the troops...THANK YOU!!


Crayonsetc said...

YAY!!! You finally updated!!! Very cool!! Sounds like a fun week was had by all!!!

Have a fun weekend and I will look for you on Monday!!

All these babies... they are making me want one so bad!!!! (worse than normal!!)

deb said...

busy busy busy!!

I hope to see you on friday :)

Maria said...

wow, you go girl!!

LOVE YOUR SONG!! :) very nice!!

hope to see ya SOON!! :)

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