Monday, August 28, 2006


UGH! I HATE cockroaches. They are nasty, nasty, nasty! And they are infesting my home!
Since Friday we have killed six of the stupid boogers. And they are so big that I'm quite sure they will just up and carry my house away at any moment!
All of our neighbors have had their homes exterminated, and drove the roaches to my house.
We could have them exterminated, but the dr said that while I'm pregnant I need to be able to leave the house for 48 hours after the fumigation. This is tough, because we call the exterminator, and then whenever they come, they come. There is no scheduling it. Which means if it isn't a Friday, Matt can't leave. I guess he could, we'd just have to stay in town. Which wouldn't be awful, but it would kind of be a fun excuse to get away!
I can tell you this amount of money in the world would make me put one of these things in my mouth! The fact that people eat them on Fear Factor all the time disgusts me. I don't even want to touch them! Gross!

1 comment:

Mama Gina said...

just catching up with ya! :)
I hate those bugs too, SO nasty!! yick!! hope they vacate soon for ya, no fun!

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