Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's appt.

I had my 10 week appointment today. It brings some changes.
Not with the baby, but with our healthcare.
Basically, I have been stressed about using military drs for this pregnancy. This is the 4th time I've been seen, and each time, I've been told something different as far as who will see me.
Originally, it was that I would be in the complicated pregnancy clinic, and watched and tested to prepare for any defects we might get. However, when the dr I saw at 6 weeks talked to them, they said no, they wouldn't see me. That there was no need for a fetal echo, or a level 2 u/s. They said I could have the normal u/s at 20 weeks and if alerted them to any problems, THEN they would see me.
Folks, I haven't had a normal u/s since after Matthew was born. I've always had level 2s. AND, they won't do a fetal echo? I said to Matt, "I wonder what you have to do to get one" I mean, isn't have a baby with a heart defect enough? It is in the civilian world.
And today was just a mess. Of course they had no record of me ever being seen. I was supposed to tell them I'd had an u/s so that I wouldn't get one today. I figured if it was that important, it would be in my records. But no. No record of anything. Not only that, but the lady didn't even look at my chart enough to see if I'd ever been pregnant before. OK people, it says on the FIRST page of my chart. I know this because I had to fill out my chart the first time.
I was told by the nurse that I would get an u/s today, so that was good. I went in, they listened for the heartbeat, and didn't hear it. Then she said to get dressed. I said, "so is that it? you're just going to let me leave with no heartbeat?" She said, "oh, did you want an u/s? I thought you would just want to wait it out" Now normally, had they never said anything about me getting one to begin with, I wouldn't really have thought about it, but they told me I would have one, so I said, "yes, I want one...I need to know this baby isn't dead!"
The other totally odd thing is that they don't do routine urine tests, only if you have UTI symptoms...hmmmmm...what a crock.
So, I had my ultra sound, and I cried. The baby is so cute. And he was wiggling around. His heartrate was 176 beats per minute. He was just so perfect.
Unfortunately, the pictures you get printed never look as good as what is on the screen, and then the scanning made it look even worse, but that's our baby down there. Matt saw the picture and said, "oh...he looks like a baby!!" He said that excitedly, not like, "oh yippee..a baby" LOL
OK, before I show you the picture I have to finish with our plan. I called around and found a very nice practice. I'm basing this on the receptionist. I know that maybe I can't do that, but it means a lot to me when the receptionist will talk to me totally unrushed and tells me what my options are. It didn't hurt that she is military as well, so knew what she is talking about.
Basically, we are changing our insurance plan to one that allows us to see civilian drs. We will have to deal with a co-pay, but it will be pretty small. I will get to deliver at the hospital where their ped. has privledges, and also they have the heart center and a NICU. (YAY Maria..I'll deliver at Methodist!!) The peace of mind this gives me is so huge, you have no idea. I feel so at peace about this decision and will feel MUCH more confident about my care, and the baby's after birth. It took a LOT for the regular nurses to listen to us and check Zachy out, and residents would be doing the checking of this baby. There is NO way I would feel ok about that.
So that is the new plan. We have to go through the hoops and get things switched around, but I have an appt. scheduled with the new dr on Sept. 19. I'm so relieved.
Without further ado...BabyV, our cutie patootie!! The legs are on the left, his arms were all over the place, but at the time of the picture you can't see them..grrr. Oh well...he's still cute!! (And in case you are wondering, no we don't know the sex, too early for that, we just assume he will be another boy!!)


Shell said...

I'm tellin ya, I don't see any boy parts! :) It sounds like you are doing the best for you and baby V. Who, by the way, I think you should name Violet!

gina (uk) said...

Way hah hah - its a baby in there :)

I have told u time and time again that if its a girl then u obviously have to call her Gina after all your Gina's in your life lol ;)

Crayonsetc said...

I am so glad you are switching and feel better!! I know you will do great, but I too feel better knowing you are doing this with a doctor you feel great about!!

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