Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Double Digits

I hit 10 weeks today. Hooray for double digits!
30 more weeks to go! Man, that seems like an eternity.
However, last night we went to the craft store and lo and behold, what should greet us at the door but CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Now, if all the stores start putting up their Christmas decor this early, the rest of this year is sure to fly by! If they don't, I'll just go live at Hobby Lobby and pretend it is close to christmas!
I was reading through old journal entries and discovered that at 13 weeks I was feeling great with Zachy. I am soo hoping that is the deal this time. I am ready to feel great! I am so close to 13 weeks I can taste it! And it doesn't taste like vomit...hooray!

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