Sunday, February 17, 2008

The story about Matthew

I promised you a story about Matthew!
So without further ado.....
Thursday night, the youth of our church had a dinner for the couples. It was a fundraiser and the kids were the servers and hostesses.
Several kids were assigned more than one table.
Matthew, however, was assigned one.
When I looked in, I saw that he was assigned to Sandra's table.
Sandra is an elderly lady, who is nearly blind.
I think she tries to appear not so blind at church, because she will open the hymn book and hold it right up to her face. But Matt has seen it upside down on more than one occasion.
Matthew told me afterwards that he only had her table, and that he helped her read the menu, and when he brought her the food, he told her where on her plate different items were.
Then he said, "when I first was assigned to her, I thought, "oh no, why her??" but then I realized that she was really, really nice"
Now you have to understand that Matthew is pretty shy. And I was concerned about him getting her table. I wasn't sure how he would be able to handle it, because she is a talker too.
When he said that, I was so proud. I told him that I thought God had put him with Sandra on purpose, because none of the other kids could understand what it was like to have no vision. I imagine her vision is as good as Matthew's bad eye. And he was able to empathize with her.
I'm not sure many of the other kids would have had the compassion to read to her and help her out like he did. And he ended up learning such a valuable lesson.
He makes me so proud.


Anonymous said...

Awww.. What a sweet boy, how neat that he was so nice to her. Those are the moments that count.

Love ya~

Maria said...

that is so nice! you must be so proud of him!!!!

tim & gina said...

Aw...I love him so much! What a great lesson learned!

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