Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big day yesterday

Yesterday was quite the day.
First of all, Matt got Lasik done. He had a hard time of it. The doctor said he has bigger than normal pupils. He had a really hard time with the brightness afterwards, even with sunglasses, but that seems to be getting better today. Poor thing woke up with a bad back today so he is in more pain in his back than his eyes.
Good news is, he is 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. Once the brightness issue goes away this will be well worth it for him.
I'm happy for him because he really hated wearing contacts or glasses.
Then in the afternoon, I had an appointment with the perinatalogist.
The tech came in and did the ultra sound and it was awful. The picture wasn't clear at all. I did find out that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is in between the baby and my belly button, as opposed to being between the baby and my spine. It has caused fewer movements to be felt. It's good to know, because honestly, it freaked me out.
The tech wasn't able to get a good look at the baby's face and the baby's legs were crossed again.
I was so upset and was nearly in tears. I told Matt that the ultra sounds were pointless at this point because we couldn't tell much about the heart, or the face, or even the gender.
Now, logically, I know that the reason they even do these ultra sounds is to check for blood flow. To make sure no blood clots are forming in the umbilical cord. But in my head, all I could think about was a fuzzy ultra sound and no news.
The doctor came in and I told her what I had been saying.
She was so kind.
She was able to get much clearer shots. She looked at the baby's face and all looks well there. She was also able to look closely at the heart. She saw two pulmonary veins that look to be draining in the right spot. She'll do a fetal echo at 28 weeks to look further, but as of right now, the heart looks good.
I really have no idea why I think we would repeat a defect, because we always just seem to get new different defects, never repeats. Still, I feel the need to know.
Then she was able to get the baby to move it's legs. She told us she was 90% certain we are having another girl. It was so funny because I asked Matt if that was a good enough percentage and he said, "it is for me!" This cracks me up because last time he would not believe that Emily was a girl.
It was so cute, all night he kept rubbing my belly saying, "we're having another little girl" We are both on cloud nine. We would have been just has happy with a boy, but think it will be so nice for Emmie to have a sister.
We wanted to do something special to tell the kids, so when we got home we baked a strawberry cake. We then frosted it white. They were so excited to see if the cake would be blue or pink. Everyone guessed right except Collin who really wanted a brother. They were so excited to cut the cake!
So good news all around yesterday! I could use more days like yesterday!

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GinaBeana said...

Such good news! And I LOVE the cake idea...I may steal that idea the next go 'round (which isn't going to be for quite awhile, so don't ask! *LOL*) Love you!!

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