Friday, August 28, 2009

That was fun

I got a coupon in the mail today from Babies R Us.
If I registered with them, I got a $10 gift card.
How could I pass that up?
Now, I fully realize that registering for your sixth baby is quite silly, but it was $10!
So I went. By myself, because Matt's back is really giving him problems.
Oh my. It was so fun. I have most of the essentials so I just went with my little scanner scanning all the fun stuff.
If someone were to look at my registry they would be thinking, "doesn't this girl know about practical items??"
Ok, that's not totally accurate, I did scan some practical stuff!
It's funny to register for a sixth baby, but also, however they set it up, the registry says I want 2 of everything. So I'm extra, extra greedy! Hehe.
For registering, I got a little bag of goodies. One goodie was three teeny tiny diapers. There is nothing that says, "I'm going to have a tiny baby" like seeing the tiny diapers. So cute!!
We also pulled out the infant car seat today to see if it was alive. It's been in the shed for two years now (Em was only in it for a few months because of her reflux, she went into a more upright convertible seat), and there was no telling how it would fare.
But alas, it was fine. Hooray for that!
Anyway, fun baby day today.

1 comment:

Jodie said...

I loved Registering when I was prego. It was a blast. I am sure even for the 6th one it still was fun. Where did you register at??

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