Sunday, December 24, 2006

Busy Bees..that's us!

It seems like it's been awhile since I've done a real, true update. And I was kind of thinking of doing a year in review type post, but we'll see.
Last week we were so busy with my mom and stepdad visiting. We had a great time and hit Sea World and the Riverwalk. Dave even took the eldest 2 boys down to Corpus Christi for a day at the beach. They had a blast! He even built them a campfire on the beach and let them cook their own lunch. They climbed sand dunes and played in the Gulf. It was over 80 degrees that day, so it was perfect for them.
Last weekend, the 16th, Dillon was baptized. He had worked so hard on all his studies and was so anxious to be baptized. Matt sang the song, 'I wanna be just like you' and dedicated it to the boys. He had made a video to go along with it with loads of pictures of the boys. Of course, I cried like a baby the whole time. He sang that song way back when Dillon was dedicated, so it was extra special.
The day started out really rocky though, and I was afraid I wouldn't make it to church, but there was no way I was going to miss it. Zachy got very sick at about 4 that morning. He was breathing so hard and fast and loud. I thought he must have pneumonia. We couldn't get him awake enough to get him to stay propped up to try to help his breathing. And he was shivering fiercely. At that point, he wasn't hot at all. I finally decided to give him a breathing treatment, and that helped a bit. But shortly after that, he was burning up. His temp was 104.9. This went on the rest of the morning, but after another breathing treatment, tylenol, and motrin, he was improving. We took him to church and he slept through the whole service. Which was quite nice, actually, I was able to focus all my attention on Dill, where it belonged. Zachy woke up after church was over, and ate a good lunch, and did great from then on. It was totally wierd.
Matt's song, will always be a highlight of the day. You see, the lyrics talk about a man wanting to be like God, because his son wants to be like him. It was moving the first time Matt sang it, but really, his heart wasn't right with God at the time. This time it meant so much more, because his heart is right with God.
This has been a wonderful year, spiritually, for us. I can't believe how our lives have changed since this time last year. It feels SO good to be equally yoked.
Matt and I were in charge of the Christmas program we had last night. And I say, "and I" loosely, because Matt did all the work, and he deserves all the credit. We just seem to come as a package deal. It turned out so good, and exactly how I had it pictured. It is always good to reflect on the true reason of the season. I am glad to have it over though. What I did do, was stress about it. That was my job! Now we are free until this summer when VBS rolls around again. And we were told last night that we have officially been nominated to run the Christmas program next year. Thank goodness there's a whole year till that!
I had a drs appointment last week, with my regular OB and was surprised to learn that I am already down to bi-weekly appointments. I can't believe how fast things are going right now. On Tuesday, I'll be 28 weeks...12 to go. Crazy. It sure changes things when you are pregnant through the holidays! Time flies!
This hasn't turned into ta review of the year, but my boys are all doing a 3-D puzzle and I think I'm going to go join in the fun.
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, and enjoy your time with your families. Matt has all of next week off, and I plan on enjoying him immensely.

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RobinPregnancy said...

I am so excited for you that Matt is off - how nice! Do enjoy the time. Merry Christmas!

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