Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Time for an attitude adjustment

Sorry I've been MIA again, I'm slacking big time. I just don't feel like anything is worth writing, life has been pretty boring!

Anyway, I've been kind of hating Texas for awhile now, and the other day I realized that it isn't worth it. It's stupid, in fact. Why do I hate Texas? Because it isn't Idaho. But what about Idaho do I miss? I don't really know. I've realized that people change, even if we went back, it would never be the same. So there is no sense living in the past and wishing I was somewhere that I am not.

So, I've decided to embrace San Antonio. To make it home. If we have to be here 3 more years, I might as well enjoy it, right? That's my new goal, to make this home. I have wonderful friends here, probably better than the ones in Idaho, as crazy as that sounds. Because they are my friends, and they didn't become my friends through the process of knowing my mother.

My daughter is going to be born here. I will forever have a link to San Antonio. My daughter will be a native Texan. How wierd that sounds! And it will be ok.

Everything will be ok. It will be better than ok. It will be great. This will be home.


Maria said...

hey girl!

long time no comment on my part! sorry! life has been a bit hectic! anyway, i am sooooo happy you are going to EMBRACE san antonio and texas in general...i promise we are not that bad!! ;) and yep, you will forever have a link here, one with your daughter (doesn't that sound GREAT?) and then your good friend and fellow tapvr parent....ME!! :)

HEY, that song you picked...funny thing was that i was going to use THE EXACT song because i LOVE IT!! and i will probably use too but AFTER i have my other one on for a bit cause i LOVE IT too!! :) don't forget to check it out!

adios amiga!!

debbie said...

yay your daughter!! sorry but do you get as excited as i do writting that? I hope you can come to peace living there.

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