Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Houdini...the hamster that is sure to be the death of me!

OK, so his name is really White Spot, but I'm renaming him Houdini.
The hamster can escape out of anything. At first, it was easy to find him, he always went to the same closet.
The week before my mom came, he got out of his cage overnight, and was nowhere to be found. We had told Dillon that if a week went by and we couldn't find him, we'd assume he was dead and get him a new hamster. Dillon was certain Houdini was in the cat's tummy.
Well, over a week went by, but my mom was here, so we didn't do anything. One night I was in the kitchen and he went waddling past me, behind the fridge. We were able to catch him and put him back, safe and sound.
Not even a week after that, Dillon was holding him. Some time later, he says to me, "Can I move the couch to get my hamster?" I thought the hamster had been put away a long time before. Of course, he was no longer under the couch.
Since then, we have not been able to find Houdini. I think that was last Thursday.
We put carrots in the kitchen, in various locations to see which one he would take, to try and give us some idea of where he might be. No such luck, he takes them all!
Last night, we decided to try leaving his cage out on the floor in the kitchen, hoping he might find his comfy bed too irresistable to leave!
The silly thing took ALL the food out of his dish, and evidently is stashing it somewhere. How I wish I could have seen his cheeks full of all that food!
We have searched high and low and cannot, for the life of us, find him. At least we know he is alive and thriving! I told Matt, tonight is stakeout night, and we will be watching all night till we find him!

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