Friday, December 8, 2006

Run down on the hospitals

OK, so we toured the methodist hospital last night. And I am so glad we did. I do NOT want to deliver there.
As far as the labor and delivery rooms go, they are both quite equal. Except for the fact that there are a gazillion at methodist. However, baptist seemed a little homier and peaceful. There were signs everywhere at methodist saying that videotaping was not allowed. At baptist you aren't allowed to videotape any medical procedures. But there were signs in the halls, on the doors, by the nursery, everywhere..saying it wasn't allowed. Which makes me suspicious.
Anyway, at methodist, after the baby is born they take the baby to the nursery. Because that is "the ideal environment for the baby". And they keep the baby there for 1-3 hours. Ummm, last time I checked, the ideal environment was with the mommy. As soon as we heard that, Matt and I were like, "nope, we won't be delivering here" At baptist, they do all of the weighing and measuring and bathing in your room. The pediatrician will even come see the baby in your room, your baby never has to go to the nursery.
As if that weren't bad enough, we went around the corner to find yet another nursery, where you are encouraged to send your baby so you can have a break and sleep. I wanted to scream. The nursery was full of babies. It was like being in the 60s. We were the only veteran parents there and I could see the glee in these ladies eyes when they were being encouraged to leave their babies there for as long as the want. I do NOT want to be at a hospital that is so not attachment friendly.
I could be overly sensitive. When Zachy was born, I wanted nothing more than for him to be in my room, with me. And he couldn't be. And there were other, perfectly healthy babies, in the nursery, crying for their mommies. I wanted to go bang on their doors and say, "listen, you have been given a gift, you have a healthy baby that you can keep with you...NOW DO IT" So yeah, it bugs me to see so many babes away from their moms. That is NOT natural. It is not the way things were intended to be. And it shouldn't be encouraged!! Makes me mad, can you tell??
Anyway, based on these things, I will be begging my dr to let me deliver at baptist, and I will not be letting my baby out of my sight. That's the way it was intended to be.

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Maria said...

YOU GO GIRL!! i sooooo agree with you too! ESPECIALLY after what we went thru!! NO one can TRUELY understand how precious and miracle babies these kiddos are unless they are almost taken from by death...i got to TOUCH my child for a couple of secs when he was being taken away to another hospital and then when he was 5 days old and they told us he was dying, i got to hold him (along with ALL his equipment & on a pillow cause of his little chest)....if there is ever another baby, i don't know HOW i could ever let him out of my sight!!! you GO and bang on those doors!! makes me mad thinking about all those babies wanting their mommy!!

with alex, we had him at WHMC and at that time THERE WAS NO NURSERY!! if you had him naturally everything was done in the room and the baby NEVER left the room...i had him c-section and HE was taken DIRECTLY to the room with james and i later joined him after the recovery period!! :)

glad you found the right hospital!!

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