Monday, January 15, 2007

Does anyone need a gorilla??

It has been raining here, and Zachy keeps telling us we need a gorilla. We say, "you mean an umbrella?" and he says, "yes, a gorilla" It is pretty funny.
So, I promised an update after my ultrasound, and I neglected to do it. It was totally uneventful. Baby looks great. Approximate weight is 3 lbs 11 oz. So sweet. She did yawn during the scan which made me want her RIGHT NOW. I can't wait to see those little yawns.
The weather has turned here. It is freezing. Literally. It is so wierd. All of the schools are closed tomorrow, and lots of the roads are closed, to be honest, I'm not sure how anyone is getting around town..everything is closed. All because of freezing rain. It is supposed to continue on through the night and through tomorrow.
Last week, the kids were playing with waterguns on the trampoline, in swimsuits! Craziness.
Matt had the day off today, for MLK day. It is always so nice having him home. The only problem is that then I miss him that much more when he goes back to work! Too bad hospitals don't close due to bad weather, we'd get him for another day!
This entry has been totally all over the place. Life is just so boring right now (I am NOT complaining about this) and it seems there isn't much to report on.
Stay tuned for more exciting entries.

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