Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Huge accomplishment

Woohoo!! The boys all saw the dentist today. It took forever, but it is good to have it done now for 6 more months. They were all free of cavities! Zachy thought it was so cool to look at himself in the mirror with a big smile after they cleaned his teeth..he kept walking up to it with the biggest smile on his face. They all did so good. Dillon goes back next week for sealants on his molars, but that's it till July!
It feels good to have that big ole appointment done. Now I have to manage to get the cat and dog to the vet for their shots before March. I'm trying to get all these big appointments done before baby comes.
I'm waiting on appointments for Collin and Matthew to see the ophthalmologist, and Matthew has his MRI on the 17th. After that, we should be good for a whole year. YAY!!
Ok, off to watch Barnyard with my kiddies!


Amanda said...

Good girl, I need to get Matt to dentist. He hasn't been there yet, and he's 4~

Anonymous said...

We had our sono yesterday, and it is another boy for us!

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