Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good News!!

First of all, my friend Maria (she is the one who's son has the same defect as Zachy, she was in the heart walk pictures) just found out she is pregnant!! I am so excited for them! I know the gamut of emotions she is about to go through, and I know she'll get through it all wonderfully!
Anyway, Congrats to you and hubby!!!
Then, I got word that my cousin is expecting her third boy. I didn't know she reads here, but she left me a comment, so she must! So CONGRATS on the boy! Boys are such a huge blessing, and I wouldn't trade a single one of mine for all the girls in the world. And it is fun to be able to say, "my three sons"!
And lastly, Matt got official word yesterday that he will be promoted to Captain in July!! WOOHOO!!! This is really exciting for us! I'm so proud of him. :-)
I have an ultrasound appointment today, I'll try to update when I get home!


Vicki said...

Where ya been? how was your ultrasound?

Maria said...



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