Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A simple little project...

So in Science we are studying about the ocean. And have studied sandy beaches and rocky shores. The boys were supposed to take some sand paper and create a sandy beach. I left this project for Matt to help them with, because he is definitely the more creative one. I told him that they needed to create a beach, with animals that would be there, shells, and a strandline. I then went to the store.
This is what I came home to!! Simple..HA!!

~~~ Edited to really can't tell, but Matthew's has a swimming area, sun bathers, a bird, a sting ray, a shark, a turtle, sea grass, jelly fish, a crab, and even a bottle of sunscreen. The boy's got some talent.

And because Robin asked so nicely, here is a 32 week belly shot. It is really a bad bad picture. But alas...complete with stretch belly.


Shell said...

Awww.... look at you! You are totally out in front! I want to rub your belly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bekki

I really appreciated the boys´science project. They are very creative.

My daughter loves coloring and modelling so much that sometimes she goes crazy and paints the walls as well!

Hope everything continues to go well with your pregnancy.

Regi - Brazil

Maria said...

aaawww...GREAT belly pic!!! you look GREAT!!!

and the boys projects were just AWESOME!!!

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