Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holter results

We talked with the electrophysiologist yesterday. That's a big fancy word for cardiologist who specializes in pacemakers.
The results of the holter were good. Apparently, when the heart starts to slow down, it will start having spurts of rapid rates (tachycardia) in with the slow rates(bradycardia). Thankfully, Zachy hasn't gotten the tachy...yet. Once that happens, they say it is much harder to correct with a pacemaker.
So we are at a good point to pace. His heart, on average, beats 20 beats slower than it should. With it dropping into the 30s while he sleeps. He also has junctional rhthym. Both of these are pretty easily correctable with a pacemaker.
At this point, we have been given the option of pacing now or waiting. He will have to be paced soon anyway, and if we wait, we run the risk of waiting too long. Right now, his heart is swollen. We can correct that with a normal rhythm, but again, if we wait too long, it won't go back to it's correct size.
So, really, while we have the option to wait, it is best to proceed with the pacemaker.
We are looking at the second half of January. The kids are all in gymnastics, and we want him to finish out this session, which ends the 19th of January. He loves it so much, we can't bear to keep him from it.
As for me..I'm kind of having a hard time. It was one thing to talk about it before the holter. I think I was hoping they'd say it all looked great, no need to pace. But no such luck. Now it's real. And it's hard.
Logically, I know he'll be fine. But still...he's my baby. And there's always a risk. And it's scary!
I have faith that God will take care of him, and that's all I need. I just need to push any negatives out of my head.

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